Short recodings on iPhone app
  • Probably a silly question, but why are my 10 minute continuous recordings only lasting 2:23 when viewed remotely from my iPhone?
  • SecuritySpy can delivery movies in two different formats: "High Quality", which are the original full-length files, and "Low Quality", which are limited in terms of resolution, frame rate and duration (but are much smaller).

    By default, the iOS app requests HQ movies when connected by WiFi and LQ movies when connected by cell data (3G/4G/LTE). This keeps data usage and bandwidth down, so that when you are connected by cell data, you get fast-loading movies that don't use all your cell data bandwidth allowance.

    If you like, you can change this behaviour so that you get HQ movies all the time. Go to the SecuritySpy app's settings (via the system Settings app, or by clicking the Settings link in the SecuritySpy app itself), and look for the setting called "High-Quality Movies".
  • Ah! I assumed that low quality didn't affect the duration. Maybe should have said "small", but once you know...
  • The issue is that it takes significant server resources to re-encode these files into the LQ format, so this is the main reason why the duration is limited. Perhaps we can add this as an option in a future version of SecuritySpy, because different users will have different priorities here.

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