Integration with Z_wave
  • I did get Z-wave connectivity working with Indigo (eg. A PIR being triggered could get SS to send a short video by email) but Indigo is expensive and I was only using a fraction of its capabilities.
    Does SS integrate with HomeAssistant or OpenHAB or anything else that's a bit cheaper than Indigo?
  • I think you can integrate SecuritySpy with anything, take a look at the http commands in the SecuritySpy manual.
  • Will do - but was hoping that someone had been there and done it (which would give me more optimism!)
  • OK, I've been making some progress with home assistant. There aren't many Maccies over there at the moment, but I have managed to get open_zwave working and linked in with a PIR and a Fibaro binary sensor to trigger an automation when someone is detected on the drive. It can also execute arbitrary AppleScript.

    The missing link now is to work out what AppleScript to send to security spy to say "send a video from camera 1 of the next 10s to my email address"
  • Sounds good. To trigger SecuritySpy to record video from an AppleScript, do this:

    - Under Preferences -> Cameras -> Motion Capture, make sure that the "Movie capture" option is enabled.

    - Under Preferences -> Cameras -> Actions, enter your email address for notifications.

    - Arm the camera (right-click on it, and set the motion-capture AND the actions schedule to "Armed 24/7".

    - If you don't want SecuritySpy to do its own motion detection, turn off the "Video motion detection" option under Preferences -> Cameras -> Setup.

    - For an example of the AppleScript to use, see the "Triggering Motion-Detected Recording" example on the SecuritySpy AppleScript Examples page.

    - If you don't know what camera number to use, open the Camera Info window, click on the header bar (where you see the column names) and enable the "Camera Number" column.
  • Great - will give it a go

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