One of 3 cameras lagging, frame rate constantly dropping on SecuritySpy after updating to 4.1.7
  • I have 3 Microseven M7B77-WPS cameras networked to a Mac Mini (OSX 10.12.6, 2.5Ghz, 16GB RAM, SSD main HD, Drobo for captures). After the latest upgrade, I am having issues with one of the cameras lagging (screen flickering green, frame rate dropping, time stamp not going at the correct pace, etc.). All cameras have the most up-to-date manufacturer's firmware and they have same settings within SecuritySpy (other than different capture folders). I tried disabling the other two cameras to see if my computer was having a tough time with all three, but I still have the same issues with just this one being processed by Securityspy.

    Interestingly, I can view this camera video stream with no issues through my browser (via IP address). That seems to rule out a network and/or camera issue, so I'm thinking it's my computer or something in Securityspy. The cameras are at 10 fps for viewing and capture. The i-frame interval is 20. What are some things I should look for?
  • Green screens indicate that corrupt data is being received, and cannot be decoded by SecuritySpy. This normally indicates a network issue, but not always.

    What version of SecuritySpy were you using before?
  • I can't remember. I think it was a few versions back. I can run some tests with some other versions and see if I can get rid of it to get a stable version. If it's a network issue, why don't I see any issues with the stream going directly through the IP address (or through the camera manufacturer's software)?
  • Here are the last few releases for you to try:

    Please let me know if you see a significant difference with any of these.

    When viewing the camera via its web interface, you may be seeing a different streaming format, video size or frame rate, so it's not a direct comparison.

    Is the network connection for the affected camera any different from the network connection of the other cameras? For example, is this one connected wirelessly, whereas the others are connected by wired ethernet?

    Is there any other difference that you can think of? For example, do they have different firmware versions?
  • Thank you Ben. I will try these different versions.

    All of these three cameras are the same models and have the most up-to-date firmware. They are all connected wirelessly, but show strong signals.

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