4.1.7 and internal fans.
  • Hello. I like to tinker, and as such I have used the SS betas for years it seems and now the High Sierra betas but the latest is the GM candidate. Lately I've been experiencing my Late 2015 iMac 5K fan ramping up and staying at about 3000 RPM, as denoted by smcFanControl. The fan is noisy at that speed and normal is about 2300 RPM. I finally had it running normally with the last SS beta, 4.1.7b12, and was pleased to see the release of 4.1.7. Well my fan speed increased after I installed it. I have 8 Hikvision cameras all running continuous and with video motion detection checked, and one Dahua as View Only, all set to 1080p, 10 fps @ 2048 kbit/s. Upon further testing I see that my fan returns to normal if I revert to b12 and speeds up again if I update it. Unfortunately the latest HS beta, the GM candidate, has had a small negative impact on my fan speed and increased normal to around 2500 even with the SS beta though that still helps. I've had to go back to the SS beta 4.1.7b12 for now. Thanks.
  • The best comparison between these two versions of SecuritySpy is the "Idle" figure at the bottom-right of the Activity Monitor CPU section. Is this the same, or different? Of course, this is only a valid comparison if all other parameters are equal (recording settings, exact frame rates from the cameras, video window positions/sizes etc.).
  • I had this issue for months.The day I wrote that pos I had NO problem going back and forth and seeing the issue, but now it's disappeared with either version. I can't explain it.

    Thanks for making a great program.

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