Video Images Freezing when Scrubbing footage in "Browser"
  • Hi Ben,

    Just upgraded my SS setup. I currently have 5 cameras going now on the latest version of SS, 3 axis and two Hikivison. I plan on adding about 4-5 more in the next few weeks.

    I started to play around with the "Browser" view now that I have a handful of cameras recording footage and I am coming across a weird bug. The video streams all play fine at 1x and 2x, but when I speed it up to 4x, 8x, or even 16x, often a few of the cameras will freeze on a frame instead of playing at the sped up rate until I stop the speed increase and play from 1x. This is happening pretty consistently for me and is happening for all of the cameras (not all simultaneously though, usually two or three of the five). I would like to watch the footage back for a few hours at speeds around 4x or 8x and I can't really do that as is. Currently all footage is recoding to a 6tb WD external over USB 3. This whole setup is running on a brand new retina 4k imac 3.6ghz quad core i7 with the latest version of SS. Any tips would be helpful so that I can successfully use the file browser feature with increased speed playback.

    In addition, small feature request. When in the browser view, it would be nice to be able to zoom in on a camera window the way it can be done in the group video windows. It would be nice to have the ability to double click on a certain camera and pop that view open into its own window on top of the file browser playback.

    thanks ben! appreciate the help.
  • happy to make a screen recording and share directly with you if it would help understand the behavior I am describing. Thanks again.
  • Thanks for letting us know about this. Depending on the resolution and frame rate of the cameras, playing back multiple cameras at high speeds can require large amounts of CPU resources, and this may overload your Mac's CPU, which could be why you are getting the freezing images.

    If you play back just a single camera at 4x, 8x or 16x speed, so you see the same problem? How about two cameras together?

    And thanks for the feature suggestions, I can see that these additions would be useful.
  • Hi Ben,
    The freezing images actually happen when fast forwarding just one camera or when fast forwarding more than one camera. It also only seems to happen when I exceed 2x, but its very random. Really hope its not a CPU issue given that I just bought this maxed out retina iMac.
    Any recommendations or next steps here? Information you may need from me?
  • Ben, I see this also in the SS browser window with a single camera despite tons of extra CPU capacity. During fast forward playback, as I step the speed up, at about the 2nd or 3rd level up in speed, the image freezes. Going another step up in speed resumes motion in the image playback. This glitch is consistent across all recorded cameras when fast forward speed is key pressed up two or three levels from 1x.

    I wonder if this is the key frame rate in the recording making it difficult to play back certain speed multiples.
  • Thanks @guykuo for confirming this issue isn't specific to my setup. It seems we are facing the exact same problem with the same behavior. It is a really unfortunate issue because this is an important feature and use case for me. Any suggestions or ideas Ben?
  • Thanks for the info, I will look into this issue and report back soon.
  • Hey Ben,
    Any update on this? Thank you very much.
  • I believe we now have a fix for this - I have emailed you both with a link to a beta version to test.
  • Hi Ben-

    Sorry for the delay in this. Thrilled to report back that the beta version fixes this issue perfectly. Looking forward to this fix in the next production release. I'll be running off the beta until in then. Thanks so much for promptly addressing this.
  • Many thanks for reporting back, that is great news. We'll be releasing this soon as an official update.

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