New Netgear battery operated ONVIF Camera
  • Just visited CEDIA 2017 in San Diego and one of the HOTTEST products just announced (and that I hadn't heard about before the show) is the new Netgear wireless IP Camera.

    The folks that do the popular ARLO camera have a new line called FlexPower that uses the same physical packaging but is a completely separate system.

    The FlexPower is a battery operated (rechargeable) wireless IP Camera that is fully ONVIF compatible.

    It is a very clever system where a "base station" provides the ONVIF interface and controls multiple wireless cameras.  The cameras themselves are motion-activated, but the base station makes it all transparent to standard ONVIF systems.

    Looking forward to seeing these when they ship at the end of October.

    Really hoping that they either work right away with SecuritySpy or only require minor tweaks.

    (Ben - Netgear has a local office in Bracknell, if that is any help.)
  • Thanks for the heads up - this does look very interesting. As an ONVIF-compliant device, this should simply work right away in SecuritySpy.

    Judging by the information on Netgear's web site, the camera will sit idle in low-power mode until it detects motion, at which point it will stream video. The ONVIF connection to SecuritySpy (or any other NVR) is always-on, so I presume that during this idle period the base station would be streaming some dummy feed (e.g. an all-black image).

    The disadvantages (limited battery life, and not true continuous streaming) would make this system less than ideal for most users I should think. However, it's ingenious and could work well for situations where installing wires for the cameras would be a significant issue.
  • I did ask that question. The NetGear rep said the base station "fakes out" the ONVIF so the camera is not continuously on. He did not know what kind of video data would be sent during this "idle" period.

    The camera has special low-power motion detection hardware so it doesn't use a lot of battery in stand by-mode.

    I agree this is not for a general purpose camera feed, but it would be very useful for supplemental feeds where running power or data cable is really hard (like gates or out outside fence that is physically separated from the house), or even a tree or other high-vantage point.

    Also a minor point, but because the camera uses the same physical enclosure as the existing Arlo cameras, all the extra mounts and covers (either from Netgear or 3rd party) will work with these new cameras.

    It might be interesting to explore a possible direct API link from the base station to SecuritySpy so unless the hardware/camera motion sensor is triggered, SecuritySpy is not recording "empty" video feed from the camera. (Although with H.264 maybe the compression would automatically record very little data anyway if the video frame is not changing?)

  • Assuming the "empty" video feed is some static or blank image, then the data rate of this would be very low.

    However you could simply use SecuritySpy's motion-detection function so that when the real stream does spring into action, SecuritySpy will start recording from this point. No need for SecuritySpy to record all the blank video.

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