Need Delay Start of Disk Activity Upon Launch AND global directory setting (Feature Requests)
  • I would very much like an option to set a several second delay the startup of Security Spy disk recording activity after launch.

    Problem 1: Upon boot up, my Mac launches SecuritySpy faster than it brings my external drives online. As a result, the initial recording attempt by SS ends up in the default / fall back Security Spy folder in of the home folder. Eventually, the external drives are mounted and SS detects the correct drive. The external RAID only takes a few seconds to mount, but SS simply gets up and running too soon. If one could set a delay -- maybe about 10-15 seconds, I would no longer have errant video being recorded in the wrong location.

    This is only a problem upon boot up. If SS is restarted after boot or login, the DAS is already mounted and this isn't an issue.

    Solution: Add an adjustable delay before SS begins looking for the external drive.

    Problem 2: When changing external drives, one must individually set the destination directory individually for each camera. With a multi camera setup, 16 in my case, it is tedious to set each destination individually.

    Solution: Add a means for setting the recording destination for ALL cameras with a single user action.

  • Temporarily solved the need to delay SS activity by throwing together a little app that waits 15 seconds before the app launches SS and quits itself. That gives my external thunderbolt drive time to mount.

    No more errant video recording into the boot drive, but it is a kludge.

    Some have even done it with an AppleScript, but it was easier for me to build an app in XOJO.

    Still would be nicer if the delay were built into SecuritySpy.
  • Hi Guy, thanks for the feedback. I have emailed you a link to a beta version of SecuritySpy for you to test. This one will wait up to 30 seconds for any custom capture destinations upon launch. Please let me know if this works as expected. Thanks!
  • Will test it out. If this works, should also be helpful for those with NAS storage.
    My situation happens with a DAS because the MacPro boots up and launches Security Spy way faster than it mounts my Thunderbolt RAID.
  • YES! I see Security Spy wait a few seconds for the destination drive and then proceed with activity.

    Checked the home, default recording directory and it remains pristine. This is exactly the delay behavior for which I wished.

    Many thanks.
  • Great! Thanks for reporting back. This addition will be in the next official update (out soon) but it's fine for you to continue to use the beta version until then.

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