Error 8873 (see log)
  • I have purchased GW Security 5237IP cameras. I can see everything just fine via a browser on each of them. My problem is in Security Spy the auto discover devices fins them just fine. When it is trying to connect to them I can not figure out why they get the error "Error 8873 (see log)". I get that error when I try the Select Stream also. I have tried all 16 streams and none of them give me anything other than Error 8873 (see log).

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • This error generally means that the "Input or stream number" you have selected in SecuritySpy doesn't exist in the camera.

    Try clicking the "Choose Stream" button - do you get presented with a list of streams? Double-click one to use it, and then click the "Apply Preferences" button. Does this work?

    You could also try the latest beta version of SecuritySpy to see if this makes any difference.

    Also, make sure your camera is running the latest firmware available from the manufacturer.

    If you continue to have problems, please email us.
  • Thank you for the answer. I get that same error when I click the "Choose Stream". I have clicked and tried all 16 available stream numbers. I also checked to make sure the latest firmware was installed. I clicked each stream and then "Apply Preferences", same result/error every time. The cameras are functioning via web browser using IP address.
  • Hello

    I was able to finally find the right combination to get the cameras working with Security Spy. I had to manually input the ports to use and use manual configuration, with TCP or UDP, both worked.

    I am using the beta version now, it did not help with the ONVIF configuration.

    Now the issue is in SS the screen goes green at times and seems to have shadows in the background. I have the Live View open in a browser at the same time and there is not an issue on the browser screen using their interface. The green screen occurs in the SS software and on my SS website.
  • Glad to hear you worked out the right set of settings for your camera.

    Green/corrupted streams means that some data is getting lost in transmission over your network, and the image is therefore becoming corrupt.

    If the camera is connected wirelessly, then this may be down to poor WiFi reception, or interference. If possible, connect your camera by wired Ethernet.

    Another thing to do is to reduce the frame rate at which the camera is streaming video (connect to the camera with a web browser to adjust its settings).

    Finally, use TCP rather than UDP if possible. TCP is a much more reliable transport protocol.

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