• Ben,

    So got into a debate over SecuritySpy vs with a fellow colleague here at work. Though I think that SecuritySpy is a better value, I do like some of the features that SightHound is promoting around motion recognition.

    Would love to know your thoughts.
  • Sighthound is a wonderful idea poorly executed. Feel free to read my ranting on its lack of improvement in their forums

    or the conclusions this user came to

    Here's my simple answer: Do you want to actually see the video feed when you get a notification on your phone? Don't use sighthound. They mean well, they seem like great folks, but it's just not a solution for realtime home security. Great for retrospective video or perhaps notifications on a local network, but not for a homeowner.

  • I've actually just moved way from Sighthound to security spy. Viewing live from iOS had about a 15sec latency. Took forever to load, however is better in version 5 that was just released and was just very sluggish. The video analysis was pretty good though.
  • I have Sighthound and they just upgraded their software to 64 bit. It's somewhat surprising that they only just now made this change, but it did make a big difference in performance - particularly the speed of access to your cameras via the mobile app. It's fast enough now to be acceptable.

    that being said, I'm going to switch to SecuritySpy when my Sighthound software maintenance agreement expires. Yep that's right. They charge an annual fee for continual updates and support. Plus if you have more than two cameras you have to pay $250 with a $50 annual fee. Just not worth it for me.
  • thanks for the update. I agree with your conclusions as well. SecuritySpy is the way to go

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