Windows Camera Viewer
  • Does anyone know of a good Camera Viewing application for Windows 10 that will work well with the feed from SecuritySpy?
    We are having varied results using web browsers. IE will display the feeds ok but it will only use Java MJPEG and it seems kinda choppy. Chrome has real problems. Firefox will only display 6 cameras at a time. None of them will display the streaming H.264 feeds. Now that I am back at my Mac I notice that Safari will also only do Java MJPEG. The h.264 just sits there and says loading. It seems like Safari on the Mac defaults to Java MJPEG, will that end up being the best codec to use? I am setting up a command center for police security operations at an event, and the job requires the camera feeds to be up on several large tv's. They are requiring that I use PC's as the client computers. Provided that I found a decent Windows program, I wonder what the http request for a SecuritySpy feed would look like, if I have to enter it manually.
  • The best thing here would probably be to find some Windows software that can receive and view the streams, as this will provide a better viewing experience than any web browser (however if you want to use FireFox, there is a fix for the 6-camera limit, see this FAQ: How can I view live video from more than 6 cameras simultaneously using a web browser?).

    It would be best for this Windows software to receive the streams directly from the cameras themselves, rather than the SecuritySpy server, as this will avoid putting load on the SecuritySpy server.

    I'm not too familiar with such offerings on the Windows platform, however Anycam looks like it will do what you want.
  • Blue Iris for the PC would be a good choice.

    I was using Blue Iris in a virtual machine on a Mac until I discovered SecuritySpy. BI has lots and lots of configuration options and settings to figure out (too many, in my opinion) but it can be set to do just about anything you want and they have an iOS app for it.

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