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  • Hi

    After having SS for around 6 months now I have mainly been using it 24/7 on continuous capture. Now I would like to use the motion capture feature with notifications on my iPhone using the official SS app. I have a home automation software (Home Assistant) that turns on motion detection via Apple Script when I leave the house.

    However, I simply cannot find a happy medium of detection. It's either too much and detects a leaf blowing across the screen or I simply get nothing even if I am jumping around right in front of the camera. I also never ever get any iOS notifications even though this is all turned on.

    The manual doesn't help much, can anyone suggest anything to help improve this situation?
  • I had to play with Sensitivity on a per camera basis (generally between 35 and 50)
    Set "Trigger Time" to 1.0 seconds to avoid many false alerts of something like a bug flying by quickly, and many things like shadows from trees blowing in the wind.
    I also set a 60 second "Action reset time" (before actions can be repeated) to limit it to one alert a minute - cuts down on the spam

    I do plan on upgrading with a motion detector that would then trigger the outdoor camera (it's been covered by at least one person in the forums doing this) - helps especially with rain or snow at night with IR cameras. Currently if I'm getting many alerts at night when its raining or snowing I turn off the actions, but the cameras do keep recording continuous just in case (and the indoor ones are still active alerts at night)
  • Please see our blog post How To Achieve Effective Motion Detection, as this has many tips for increasing detection accuracy.

    It sounds like increasing the Trigger Time is going to help in your case.
  • Thanks guys will give this a go...

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