Getting random error log - "Error performing motion capture"
  • I'm getting the error randomly pop up just about every day. The issue seems to correct itself and the cameras go back to recording, but there's small snippets of lost recordings during these error times. I've had the same setup for a few years with no changes (other than iOS and SecuritySpy updates) with no issues. I'm running SecuritySpy 4.1.4 and iOS 10.12.4. The error I'm receiving is below.

    "Error performing motion capture for the camera "Name of Camera", motion capture mode has been unarmed. (Failed to record video frame 5575,818 The key frame (I-frame) rate from the network device is too low (GOV length too high), please locate and change this setting in the device)"
  • Forgot to say I read over a previous post and made sure my permissions were correct as that was the issue for another user.
  • This is a parameter of the video stream that is delivered by the camera. Log on to the affected camera(s) using a web browser, and look for a setting related to the video encoding called "GOV length", "I-Frame rate" or "Key frame rate". This should not be set too high - a value of around 2x-3x of the camera's frame rate is normally a good setting (so for example if the camera is streaming video to SecuritySpy at 10fps then a good GOV length setting is 20-30).
  • Thank you, Ben. The error is happening to all my cameras within the last month. All three are set at 15 fps and the I-Frame Rate is set at 30 fps. Again, I haven't changed anything and never had these issues before. Could anything else be causing the issue?
  • That's strange, those settings sound fine. Could you please email us a screenshot of this settings screen in one camera's interface.

    Nothing else could cause this error, and SecuritySpy will only generate this error after 159 non-key-frames in a row, so it seems the cameras are using a drastically longer GOV length than what is set in their settings.

    What are the makes/models of the affected cameras?
  • I have the same issue since update to 4.1.4 - every day I loos several hours of recording (only motion detection). This never happened before, and with all cameras from different source and manufacturer. All my settings are proper, I did not change anything, just updated after your mail.
    I would like to try with the downgrade to previous, where can I find the those?
  • Hi @heimchen - are you getting the exact same error message as above? Could you please check the log file (File menu -> Open Log in SecuritySpy) to check. Please let me know the exact message and code shown in the log.

    Try going back to 4.1.2 to see if you get the same error or not: download SecuritySpy 4.1.2 - please let me know.
  • I don't get any error message at all, therefore no error in the logfile. I just realized the missing recordings after I wanted to check an exact motion capture timestamp in the browser, then I switched to the captured files and opened the video file and every camera stopped exactly recording at the same time and started hours later recording again. I did not get aware of it up to now, because nothing happened and a did not have to check the recordings.
    I will now download previous version 4.1.2 and will come back later.
  • In that case this is an entirely different problem. There are only a few things that can cause a gap in recording without an error message written to the log, including:

    - SecuritySpy was not loaded during this period (i.e. it was quit)
    - The Mac was put to sleep or turned off during this period
    - The cameras are set to a schedule, which doesn't include recording during this period

    Because this lack of recording is not due to an error, then it's unlikely that going back to a previous version of SecuritySpy will help. I think you will have to look elsewhere for the reason why this happened.
  • None of your pointed cases match. I never changed anything since setting up the cams several months ago, only updating to the latest versions.
    By the way: The previous Version 4.1.2 was not the good one. Because the already discussed issue with that version occured:
    I found another one: 4.1.3
  • OK, if you want to try 4.1.3 you can download it here: download SecuritySpy 4.1.3.
  • I'm using Microseven M7B77-WP cameras. I emailed a screenshot of my settings.
  • Since downgrading to 4.1.3 no loss of recordings anymore.
  • Didn't help for me. I just sent my logs.
  • Should have clarified. Updating to the beta 4.1.5b8 didn't work. I guess I'll try back to 4.1.3.
  • @triggs How does it work now with 4.1.3 ?
  • @heimchen No errors so far. Been running it for a few days.
  • @Ben - Any updates on this? Seems @heimchen and I are fine at 4.1.3, but newer versions give us the motion capture errors.
  • Could you both please email us and include the SecuritySpy log file:

    In SecuritySpy, select the "Open Log" option from the File menu. This should open the log file in TextEdit. Use the "Duplicate" ("Save As") option from the File menu to save this to your Desktop, and then attach the file to your email.

    Note that, from your descriptions, you are each experiencing different problems.

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