Camera modes don't arm properly after SS drops/regains connection with camera.
  • While testing my setup (testing things like power loss to the cameras—server is on an APC, so power outages don't affect the server), I've noticed that when a camera is connected to SS4.1 and "armed" (i.e, Motion Capture is armed, Actions are armed—both set to the schedule "Armed all the time"), after the camera suffers from a power loss, once it regains power and is connected back to SS4.1, it's no longer armed (Motion Capture and Actions are now turned off). Since the schedule is set to "Armed all the time", the only way to get them armed again is to manually arm them.

    Is this a bug?
  • Hi
    I have a similar problem. Cams are in a correct mode, but there is no video.
    The informations given by the camera info window is not consistent with the video displayed.
    If I quit SecuritySpy and reload it, all videos are displayed.
    See here:

    SecuritySpy 4.1.1
    Mac OS 10.11.6
  • These appear to be two completely different problems.

    @theboyk - perhaps the setting isn't correctly getting written to the Preferences file, and when there is a power cut it gets lost. If you make the correct setting, then quit SecuritySpy and reopen it normally, is the setting retained? Then, subsequently, if you simulate a power cut by force-quitting SecuritySpy, when its reloaded do you see the correct or incorrect setting?

    @drs - this appears to be a problem with video display. Please could you email us the unedited screenshot and we'll investigate further.

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