New Presets not being saved - existing ones work OK
  • I have a Foscam jpeg 'type' PTZ camera that has always worked well with SS and responds to the PTZ controls. However, I find that I can no longer save new preset positions. The ones I already have programmed in from earlier versions of SS work just fine, but Opt and left click doesn't save new preset position. I presume that I should be holding the Opt key while left clicking on the preset number in the PTZ control box?
  • Beta version is 4.1b9 seems to have fixed this.
  • Yes, this was a bug in the last version of SecuritySpy, but it's fixed in the new 4.1 version, available from the SecuritySpy download page.
  • Hi Ben
    I have the same problem with my new foscam. When I setup a PTZ preset, it's not recorded, but the cam responds to the PTZ controls.
    To record a preset, I type the OPT key while click on the number.
    Cam: Foscam FI9821P
    Mode: ONVIF port 888
    SecuritySpy: version 4.1.1
  • With a different Foscam model (8910E) and Security Spy 4.1.1 new presets are saved (move to location, press Option key & click on preset #)
    (it is using Foscam profile for the camera, not ONVIF)
  • OK. But unfortunately, there is no profile FOSCAM which works with my cam.
    I've tested all foscam profiles, but not works (after a delay, the cam appears in offline mode). IP address and HTTP port are corrects.
    Only works in onvif mode.
  • FOUND IT!!! :)
    The problem was not in securityspy, but inside the cam.
    Today I made some tests with preset directly on the cam, and presets was not work. I was able to define some preset positions, but go to preset function was not work.
    Then, in the Start-up options, we can see: "The cruise and preset function will be not avalaible in case starts without self-test".
    During the setup, I turned off the PTZ test sequence on startup!!!

    Then, I enabled start-up PTZ test and reboot. And now, presets works!
  • Good to hear you found the solution - this is not something I was aware of with these cameras!

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