Is SecuritySpy smart about multiple instances of the same camera?
  • If I want to define the same physical camera as multiple different cameras inside SecuritySpy (to apply different settings and actions, such as using one "virtual camera" for motion detection triggered recording and another for continuous recording), is SecuritySpy able to detect this and pull one video stream over the network and then just fork the data stream on the Mac to apply the different processing profiles?

    If it does this, than the overhead/tradeoff is only memory and cpu on the Mac, but not imposing a 2x or greater bandwidth load on the network itself.
  • Hi - yes SecuritySpy is smart about this. If you add the same camera twice (with exactly the same device settings), SecuritySpy pulls only one stream across the network, and the camera counts only once towards your license.

    Maybe you're using an earlier version of SecuritySpy, but in the latest 4.x version, you can enable and disable (and schedule) motion-capture and continuous-capture independently, so this is probably a better solution for you. Find out more about upgrading.
  • Thanks. I understand about motion trigger versus continuous - that was just an example that is probably not the best use of multiple virtual cameras.
  • Is is possible to specify different file save paths for motion, image, and continuous capture? Right now, it looks like one setting applies to all three so only by defining multiple virtual cameras can you set each one individually.
  • It's currently not possible to specify different paths for the different capture options - you specify one path per camera. As you say, the only workaround is to add multiple instances of the same camera, with different paths and different capture settings.

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