Feature Request: Sync PTZ presets with CloudKit
  • I would like the presets I set using SS 4.1 on the Mac to synchronize. I use two copies of SS on two different Macs. One is in Viewing mode. If I save presets on one Mac, it would be ideal if it would synchronize to both.

    Also, when I use the iOS app on the iPhone, having the same PTZ presets would be very useful. Right now, the PTZ feature in iOS only allows interactive panning/zooming. Being able to carefully craft the PTZ presets on the Mac and then have them available on the iOS app would be a good usability improvement.

    (In the meantime: Can I manually copy only the PTZ presets from one Mac config to another? I am hesitant to clone/copy the entire SS configuration file as I may have other settings set slightly differently on each copy of SS.)
  • Hi,

    We will add preset positions to our iOS app soon - these will be the same as the ones configured on the server.

    As for multiple copies of SecuritySpy: in most cases, the presets are stored on the camera, so clicking the same preset button in two different copies of SecuritySpy will make the camera move to the same place.

    However, this isn't always the case. An alternative is to set up the viewing SecuritySpy to obtain the feeds from your main SecuritySpy instance, rather than the cameras directly. This does put more load on your SecuritySpy server, however it will make the presets work as you want them to.

    I'm afraid there is no way to copy preset information from one copy of SecuritySpy to another.
  • For the camera with PTZ I am using (Amcrest IP2M-841) the presets are stored in the camera fine.

    It turns out that what was confusing me is that although the presets are stored, the "nicknames" in SS are local to each copy of SS, so when I saw the default names "Preset 1", "Preset 2", etc. and not the custom names I created, I didn't realize the presets themselves were ok.

  • Yes, the actual names are stored in SecuritySpy, because many cameras simply refer to their presets by numbers and don't have the option to store names on-camera.

    Good to hear things are working the way you want them to.

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