Axis M1034-W only works with SS on JPEG but not h.264
  • 10 other different model Axis cameras connect to SS just fine in h.264 except this. This is the only one on WiFi, does that matter?

    Profile is "Axis JPEG and H.264"
    Formats H.264 RTSP & H.264 RTSP-over-HTTP fail.
    Format JPEG HTTP works fine.
  • There is no particular reason why this wouldn't work - it should work just fine. WiFi doesn't matter - if it works with JPEG it should work with H.264.

    Have you changed the camera's default ports, or entered any ports into SecuritySpy for the camera? Ideally these will be default ports and left blank in SecuritySpy. There aren't too many other configuration options with this camera that could stop things from working really.

    Check SecuritySpy's log (File menu -> Open Log), this should give clues as to what is going wrong. What are the latest few lines in the log that refer to this camera?
  • Everything works as expected after forcing the camera to factory default and re-setup. Must be user error earlier. Thanks!
  • Good to hear that, perhaps the camera itself got into a weird state, it doesn't sound like you did anything wrong.

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