Using old iPhone as webcam
  • I have a few old iPhones that I'd like to use as network cameras in SecuritySpy. Does anyone know of an app that will broadcast a video (or audio/video) stream that SecuritySpy can view?
  • Hi - there are two apps we have tested and confirmed to work: iphCAM and Wireless Camera. Any app that can send MJPEG video over HTTP will work so there may be others out there too.
  • Can you give me the video device settings for an iphone ? Tks
  • Hi robby - use either of the two apps mentioned above. They both have corresponding "Device type" profiles in the Video Device Settings in SecuritySpy.

    Both apps will display the iPhone's IP address, which you'll also need to enter into the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy.

    Here's an example setup using the "Wireless Camera" iPhone app:

  • Thanks but on my iphone it works only with "Wireless Camera"
  • Hi robby55 - if the above information didn't answer your question, please can you describe in more detail exactly what you need to know? Thanks.
  • Hi Ben, 2 questions: 1) can you give a quick opinion on the plusses and minuses of reusing an old cell phone as a security camera vs buying a dedicated camera? I can get $150-$200 for trading in my old phone right now and and am trying to decide if that would be better applied to a real security camera than keeping the phone and reusing it for security? Question 2) I do have two old iPhone 3G lying around that I can't get any $$ for.... would LOVE to use them for security cams but the software you recommended above requires iOS 4.3 and the max they can run is 4.2.... any advice on a way to jailbreak them to work as cams?
  • Hi @natureboy - generally you are going to be better off going for a dedicated IP camera, as they are designed specifically for the task in question. You may be able to get OK results at reasonable cost by using, say, an iPhone 4 or 4S - earlier iPhones had rather poor camera quality (especially in low light), and newer iPhones, though much higher quality, would probably cost more than an IP camera of equivalent quality.

    Also, check with the developers of these iPhone camera streaming apps what is the maximum resolution they support, as this might be quite limited (a lot lower than the camera's native resolution).

    I'm afraid I don't know of any solution for the 3G - I believe that older versions of both Wireless Camera and iphCAM supported this model, but the current versions on the app store do not. It may be worth contacting the developers to ask about obtaining the older versions.
  • I know this is an old thread, but for anyone reading...

    Don't use an iPhone as a security camera for anything other than testing. If you plan on leaving the camera running 24 x 7, the iPhone can't handle it.

    Eventually, it will overheat, the battery will bulge, and the bezels will bend/loosen up.

    I have seen it firsthand happen to an old iPhone 4s. It took around 5 months of continuous use for this to happen, so your initial results may lead you to think it will work.

    Note that I knew this - I was using an old iPhone simply as a test setup and did not rely on it for any real use. Nonetheless, I was surprised to see it fail after it seemed to work for quite a while.

    As mentioned above, if the only reason you are keeping an older iPhone is for possibly this use, you would be better off to resell it or trade it in and use the $$ savings to buy a real IP camera that is spec'd to run 24 x 7 without any problems.
  • Hi Spiv, I am curious, what is the average temperature where you were using the 4s that failed ? Was it in direct sunlight at all?
  • The camera was indoors on top of a credenza/cabinet (about waist high) on a tiny tripod/iPhone holder (cheap $5 thing from Amazon). It was mostly exposed to indoor lightning, not direct sunlight, and moderate climate (California) indoor temperatures around 70 F.

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