Email notification doesn't work with SecuritySpy v 2.2.2
  • I have SS v 4.0 installed on one of my computers. Email notification for events works fine. But on another computer I have the older SS version 2.2.2 installed. Email notification does not work. I get "Error -9806,127045". The email settings are identical in both instances. Is there a way to fix this short of upgrading?
  • SS 2.2.2?
    I thought I was old.
    What OS is that on?
  • I can't tell exactly what is going wrong (as @abid says, this is a very old version of SecuritySpy), but the error indicates a problem with the SSL encryption on the connection. All I can suggest is trying a different SMTP server, or using one that does not require SSL (if possible).
  • Thanks for the comments. It turns out that SS 2.2.2 is not compatible with several email providers- gmail and comcast are two. There is a work around however, at least with Google mail. It involves changing a preference with Google that will allow insecure apps (such as SS 2.2.2) to use the Google mail servers). I changed this setting and now all is well.

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