iOS App Bugs/Feature Requests
  • I'm very glad to see an iOS app and the $6 in-app purchase was a no brainer. I've installed it on my iPhone 6s. It is a great start!

    1. Under Capture, allow filtering by images only or videos or both
    2. For multiplex (or just camera view), I'd love an option that shows all my cameras (7 of them) in one screen (see Remote Patrol) without flipping through them
    3. Add ability to hide camera names
    4. Add ability to smash all thumbnails together in camera view so that they touch each other.
    5. When the app auto discovers a server, there is no way to see how it is connecting, i.e. using the Bonjour name or the IP address. If I connect via my VPN and then use the previously discovered server, it fails. I had to manually add the server to get it to work. What I'd like to see is a way to edit or see details on a server maybe including version of SS running.

    1. Under capture and selecting a camera, it is only showing 4 of my 7 cameras
    2. When in Camera and phone is rotated, screen went blank the first time and now shows the 7 cameras fine.
    3. In Camera view, the thumbnails are clipping the upper and lower part of the image (where my timestamp lies)

    Thanks for creating this! I'm excited to try it on my iPad and Apple TV!
  • Thanks for your feedback!

    I think some of your suggestions are good and I'll add them to the "to do" list. Some specific comments:

    Suggestion 5: the setup is simple intentionally in order to make it as easy as possible. The app auto-detects as many parameters as possible. When you first connect over a local network, the app will obtain the internet address and ports (as long as you are using SecuritySpy's DDNS service), so that if you subsequently connect over the Internet it will know how to do that. The VPN case is unusual and we didn't fully consider this, so we'll have a look at this.

    Bug 1: it should only show cameras that actually have any footage available, which could explain this. Is it missing out cameras that have footage to play?

    Bug 2: we'll investigate this, it didn't come up in our testing.

    Bug 3: for neatness of presentation, all cameras are shown as 16:9, so for cameras that aren't themselves providing video at this ratio, some cropping will occur. So this is not a bug but rather a design decision that we made.
  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the quick response!

    Bug 1: All my cameras have footage. In fact 5 of the 7 have continuous captures as well as motion.

    Another feature suggestion is to be able to select the date for the capture so that I can attempt to narrow down footage (with 7 cameras, there is a lot of data!).

    I also had some oddities on the Apple TV where the live cameras were initially showing a still image. It seemed to resolve itself, but I'll keep an eye on it.

  • Awesome!!

    2way audio ? Coming ??

    THANKS !!!

  • Hi ben

    Great news this app :)

    Like sgruby I have some suggestions:
    1. It's not possible to connect to more one server ?
    It's problem for me because I would to connect to my server with 2 addresses (local lan & public address)

    2. It's not possible to have all cams in a unique window. I must scroll to see another cams.

    3. To activate/deactivate motion/continuous/action, it's necessary to click on the cam thumbnail, and click on M/C/A.
    Is it possible to resume all parameters in one window? Then it would be possible to setup C/M/A for cams in a minimum click :)

    Thanks for your job
  • Great news and already downloaded :)

    Quick comment - can we adjust the zoom on the main Cameras screen? I only have 2 cameras at the moment so have loads of blank space on my Ipad.

    Oh any chance of push notifications of movement detection?
  • I'm probably just slow but the function of the C, M and A buttons at the bottom was not obvious to me. Even now I feel like I'm guessing... Might be good to have some documentation.
  • Hi Ben,

    I think the new app is great, but the times are off again by 6 hours.
    But other then that the app works great, and its fast.

    Would like to see being able to pick a date range for the captured video in the future and push notifications too would be nice.

    Thanks for your hard work on the app..
  • Message from app "Cannot find server" . No server in list. However Remote Patrol finds the Security Spy server and works fine.
    Using same address & port as Remote Patrol. Username and password also as for Remote Patrol. Checked this in Security Spy/Preferences
  • Bug report: SecuritySpy app crashes when trying to "Save Image" from live stream
    - Open SecuritySpy app
    - Tap on one of the cameras to view a live stream
    - In the bottom-left corner, tap the Share icon to bring up the Share Sheet
    - Tap Save Image. The app crashes.

    I tried saving from at least a couple of my 4 cameras.. different models, one with pan/tilt, etc.. I'm guessing it's because the app never requested access to Photos.
    Server is running SS 4.0.9b3
    iPhone 6 is running iOS 10.1.1

    From the crash log:
    Termination reason: TCC, This app has crashed because it attempted to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description. The app's info.plist must contain an NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription key with a string value explaining to the user how the app uses this data.

    P.S. I like the look of the app.. keep it up!
  • yeah, I'd agree with the first commenter suggestion 2 - in the camera give some options for camera layouts. In another app you could see 6 camera's with partial on 2 more in the grid option - allowed to quickly see what was going on with several cameras to then tap into one camera (and yes, it either crops or mucks with aspect ratios, but being able to see the overview is more useful than detail which just requires selection of one camera to see full detail)

    I'd possibly add a couple more more "nice to have"
    in captures 1) ability to filter by type (images or video)
    2) when looking at an image/video, ability to swipe left or right to go to next or previous file (like the iOS Photos app)

    Other than that, looks great!
    Love the ability to just disable Actions while leaving Continuous or Motion active.
  • Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions, these are very helpful and I've added many to our "to do" list. To pick up on some of the above:

    The "Save Image" crash and the timestamps are bugs that we'll fix in the next update.

    Yes, it's possible to add more than one server. If you are currently viewing a server, you'll see its name at the top (e.g. "SecuritySpy Web Server"). Click this to get back to the list of servers. From there, you can add additional servers.

    If you add an auto-detected server while on your local network, it will also pull in all the information it needs in order to connect over the internet, provided SecuritySpy is set up for remote monitoring as per our instructions. In this case, you don't need to add two instances of the same server for local access and remote viewing.

    As for documentation, here is the SecuritySpy iOS/tvOS App User Guide.
  • It's a very clean and simple UI that I really like and find intuitive. Nice work. I had previously been suckered into paying $20 for Remote Patrol, and that was total junk, barely usable.

    My one request would be similar to a previous one; allow us to tweak the auto-discovered server. And/or give more info if there's an error while adding a server and don't just dump everything. I was trying to troubleshoot adding a server and had to type EVERYTHING every time, then it would fail with no useful errors. The add screen should stay in place and let you just keep making changes.
  • Hi Ben, Is there any chance we could have the presets for the PTZ on the apps.

    Great to see the apps they are great for iPhone, and AppleTV
  • BUG: (1) Video stops streaming after about a minute even when entering a value higher than 60 seconds for "Video stream duration limit". (2) When entering a larger number like 3,600 seconds so that the video will stream for an hour, the comma and the numbers after get chopped off.

    FEATURE REQUEST: (1) Add an option on the iOS version to prevent the phone/tablet from going to sleep. (2) Add an option on the tvOS version to prevent the screen saver from activating.

    I'm very happy to see a companion app! Unfortunately, it's not very usable to me unless the bugs/features above are addressed. I'll gladly pay for the app once they are.
  • Very pleased with the app too and have paid for the in-app extras.

    Would be nice to be able to select which cameras/group we can see in Multiplex mode.

    Also experienced one of the cameras being about one hour out of sync.
  • Just following up to note with more positive feedback. This is a very solid v1.0. I bought the extra features and they're working well for me. This is by far the easiest way to access my cameras, especially when away. I've used it with my iPhone, iPad and AppleTV.
  • Videos Stream Duration Limit? Where can I adjust that? I can't find any server side controls, nor app side (iOS and TVos).

    Feature Request: On captured file list - some indication of the run time (or file size).

    (Now to figure out how to unwedge my Dahua IP camera that will no longer talk to SS, and I have managed to lock the admin account on..)
  • The 60-second timeout while viewing live video/audio is a bug in the app, we'll fix it shortly.

    The "Video stream duration limit" setting referred to above is in the account settings under Preferences -> Web section. This is specified in seconds (don't add any other characters such as commas). If you want an unlimited duration, simply leave the box empty.

    There are a number of small bugs and enhancements we're planning for the next update (out soon!).
  • I also have a few feature requests :

    - Push notifications : this has been asked by others, but I'd like to refine the request.
    It would be great if you could also provide URL schemes when adding notifications.
    What I like to have is a notification when a camera detects motion (i.e. frontdoor), and inside the push notification, the option to add a link.
    If this link is a URL scheme, it enables users to click the link and open the camera window for that camera inside the SecuritySpy app.
    But it also would enable to open any other app that works with URL schemes.
    I'm doing exactly that with pushover and indigo at the moment. When my camera detects motion at the frontdoor, pushover sends me a notification and when I act on the notification it takes me to an indigo control page with a live feed from my camera, but also my home automation controls. I can turn on/off lights on this page or open the door remotely etc...

    - Camera view enhancement : it would be nice to have a direct link from each camera to its recordings. i.e. when someone is at my door, I get a notification, but by the time I am actually looking at the live feed of that camera, that person might have already left. It would be nice to be able to quickly look at the last event recorded for that camera without first needing to go the recordings tab, selecting the camera etc...
    A direct link to the recordings of the current camera would be nice, but maybe 4/5 very small thumbnails (jpgs, not video) would be even more elegant and quick. Clicking them would also open the recordings tab for that camera. Also URL schemes per camerarecording page would be nice as well (for integration with other software).

    - last enhancement request, as other have mentioned, I would really appreciate a more hardcoded approach to entering server data. The server data is "smart" at the moment, but I would really like to use two entry points to get to my SecuritySpy server. Mostly I would use the DDNS that you provide with SecuritySpy, but as an alternative (a safetynet) I also use my routers direct IP, just in case.
    Now, if I explicitly enter my IP address, the app defaults to the viewcam data which is not what I want.
  • Hi @petecam thanks for your additional suggestions.

    Regarding the server address: if you manually set up a server and enter an IP address for it, the app will always remember this IP address. In addition, it will obtain the DDNS address, if you have set up the DDNS feature. Then, when connecting in the future it will try to connect on both these addresses, and will use the one that works. So you get the best of both worlds.
  • I didn't realise that it worked that way. That's actually very cool that the app tries different routes.
  • Push notification on mouvement would be AWESOME with 2 way audio.....

    Would be great for door cam!
  • I have purchased the upgrade and purchased the in-app purchase.
    Very happy with both apps. Keep up the fantastic work.
    Feature Requests:
    1. Push notifications definitely.
    2. Motion Alerts: When in the app, it could beep or make a short sound upon motion and at the same time it would scroll up/down to the camera in question with a coloured outline (i.e. red, blue or green) around the rectangle video feed of the camera that has the motion at that time. This would be awesome!
    Maybe later you could improve on this and have a set of sounds that the can be chosen from.
    3. Share button: OK, this is an awesome feature and should definitely be considered.
    In Captures, a share button when clicked, opens the Mail app and automatically attaches the file.
    4. Size in MB in Captures: If space is an issue then keep it short with just the whole number part, so 135MB instead of 134.56MB rounding up the the nearest MB. Or keep it full if space isn't an issue.
    5: Hide Camera names: This can save space and bring the images next to each other.

  • Thanks @abid these are good suggestions!
  • Lots of the above suggestions (and fixes to reported problems) have been implemented in the new 1.0.1 version of the SecuritySpy iOS/tvOS app. Simply use the App Store on your device to update. More improvements coming in the future!
  • Is there a way to edit the connections after they are setup? I'm about to close down one of the sites I manage and no longer need to see their server and I can't figure out a way to remove it.
  • Is there a way to edit the connections after they are setup? I'm about to close down one of the sites I manage and no longer need to see their server and I can't figure out a way to remove it.
  • Tap and hold on it for a second and whilst pressing, swipe left and a DELETE button magically appears.
  • The recent update seems to have removed the useful ability to pinch-zoom on a full-screen camera view.
    Was this intended?
  • I second this! The pinch zoom function is gone! This is a problem!!
  • Maybe to keep this from getting too long, a new thread should be started for version 1.0.1
    I'll include a link to this one for reference.
  • Pinch-to-zoom has been restored in the 1.0.2 update, available from the App Store.
  • Great app. Love that you are actively taking feedback and rapidly releasing updates.

    As stated above, consider the case where one is connecting via VPN and not directly across Internet, for server detection/configuration. (As a side-note: you really should work on deprecating any usage of SecuritySpy by exposing to Internet via port forwarding. Is so insecure that should not even been considered. Ultimately, you may need to create/run a cloud-based proxy service to provide remote access if people are not able to create their own VPN. Most of the consumer security cams provide this as part of their retail/consumer offerings.)

    In the "Multiplex" view, would like to be able to tap on a thumbnail and be switched to the single camera view of that camera.

    Would like to have audio support with on-screen speaker icon for "audio on/audio off" toggle. Spyglass app almost gets this right - they have on-screen icon but impossible to tell if audio is set "on" or "off". (The icon does not change visual appearance in a way that can be seen.)

  • Hi @Spiv glad you like the app, to address your points:

    You can use the app over a VPN, but auto-detection of the server won't work (because Bonjour doesn't work over a VPN). Most users don't use a VPN anyway so this hasn't really been a problem. As for security, allowing incoming connections into SecuritySpy from the Internet is only insecure if you use weak passwords. Security can be further enhanced by limiting access from the internet to SecuritySpy's encrypted HTTPS service only. With these two things in place, SecuritySpy is virtually un-hackable.

    A proxy service such as you propose would be expensive for us to provide, as it requires lots of bandwidth and multiple servers in a centralised location that we would have to set up and manage. This is why companies who provide such services charge a monthly/yearly subscription fee. Furthermore, any such system would itself become a target for hackers.

    I think our users appreciate that they have direct access to their own servers over their own internet connection, without having to pay us a fee.

    Good idea about going to individual cameras from the multiplex view, I'll add that to the "to do" list.

    As for audio, the switch on the side of the iPhone/iPad turns the audio on or off.
  • Thanks for the feedback.

    I don't know the full technical details, but I believe some of the proxy "reflector" services are only used as a "meet me" service. Both nodes (the client request and the server connection) are matched/meet up in a cloud based server. Once matched, a direct peer-to-peer connection is established.

    So the traffic through the cloud/proxy server is minimal - only the initial setup, not the ongoing data streams. It just solves the problem of problematic port forwarding firewall traversal, and configuration.

    I believe this is how remote access products like TeamViewer, and others work. The actual data flow is peer-to-peer, but the cloud service/proxy provides a global authentication and "meet me" coordinator. That's how/why most of these are provided free of charge.

    The monthly fees/paid services are typically for the cloud services that actual host video streams or other data - yes, that would be expensive in cost, bandwidth, and server capacity. Not suggesting that.

    Again, for me, I have set up a personal VPN server, so not a problem, but some of my clients may not want to invest in a VPN server so a proxy service might be of interest for them.
  • Hi @Spiv thanks for the follow-up, I understand better what you mean now.

    The problem is how to establish that peer-to-peer connection, and there is no foolproof method for this. There are a few ways to do it - for example Skype and TeamViewer appear to use a method called "UDP pinholing" or "UDP hole punching". This works most of the time, but I believe they also have a fallback of routing the traffic through their own servers if the P2P connection fails.

    Also, this only works for UDP, and while UDP is fine for the live video streams, it's not suitable for all the other files that SecuritySpy serves (HTML files, image files, movie files) - for this you need to use TCP (because TCP packets are guaranteed to be delivered whereas UDP packets aren't - one packet missing from a live video stream doesn't matter whereas one packet missing from a file download will render that file unreadable).

    Other P2P services that deal with file downloads (e.g. BitTorrent) use port forwarding, automatically configured in the router by the software (using the UPnP protocol or similar). This is exactly what SecuritySpy does.

    Note also that all the above-mentioned services require the use of their own client apps - they don't work in a standard web browser without plugins.

    All in all, as far as I'm aware, to achieve proper access to SecuritySpy's web server, using a standard web browser with no plugins, the only two methods are port forwarding and VPN. If you can point me to any information that indicates otherwise I'd be very interested to investigate!
  • Hi @Ben,
    i think there is a little bug with the iOS app.

    I can't connect to my ss server from WAN.

    The error says: "The server that responded is not SecuritySpy".

    I think that the app require an HTTP Header like this:
    Server: BBVS/4.0

    but my SS Server is behind an nginx reverse proxy that respond whit this header:
    Server: nginx

    Full headers:
    My server:

    HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
    Server: nginx
    Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2016 11:17:15 GMT
    Content-Type: text/plain
    Content-Length: 16
    Connection: keep-alive
    Keep-Alive: timeout=20
    WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="WEBCAM"
    Cache-Control: max-age=0, must-revalidate
    Pragma: no-cache
    Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=15768000; includeSubdomains; preload

    Your demo server:
    HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
    Server: BBVS/4.0
    WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="SecuritySpy Live Demo"
    Cache-Control: max-age=0, must-revalidate
    Pragma: no-cache
    Keep-Alive: timeout=20, max=100
    Connection: Keep-Alive
    Content-Length: 16
    Content-Type: text/plain

    I have changed the NGINX header configuration to "BBVS/4.0"
    but nothing changes.. same error...

    Any suggestion?

  • Enhancement request:

    For the tvOS version, add the ability to require a PIN code (user assigned) to get past a splash screen and see anything useful.

    With the Apple TV a shared use device (family room or media room, etc.) I don't want guests, visitors (especially kids), surfing the apps grid and playing around with the app at all.

    Might be useful on the iOS version (if easier to do it once and have it on both), but strongly needed for the Apple TV.
  • Hi @Spiv thanks for the suggestion I think this would be a good idea.
  • The pin number on the Apple TV is an excellent suggestion. I"m sure that over time many nice features will be added. However, I have to say that this is one of the best 1.x versions of an IOS app for cameras that I have ever seen. I have tried all the ones out there that could talk to SS and also direct to cameras. The ease of setup and the minimalist overall design is just wonderful. Those with nginx are having some issues but overall this is a wonderful app out of the gate. As a developer I had considered several times writing my own IOS app to access SS and now I'm glad I didn't.... What Ben has given us is exactly what I wanted and the performance is exceptional given what its doing and all the network issues that he has had to address. Bravo to Bensoftware for a wonderful app. Even my wife has said that it is definitely worth the price of admission!
  • Thanks @doodah! We are very happy with it too, and the feedback from users has been very encouraging.
  • his there a eay to avoid image cropping on my apple tv? My cam are 2048x1536
  • The SecuritySpy iOS/tvOS app will display all cameras at 16:9 - this means a bit of cropping on 3:2 cameras. With multiple cameras at different aspect ratios, viewing them at their native ratios would result in a rather messy-looking interface. We chose 16:9 because this seems to be what most cameras use.
  • Is there a plan to support native cam display? I mean like a pref fhat you choose between 16:9 and 3:2 ampnd other size?
  • Would be cool to have SS iOS version to respond to urlapp call......

  • When I add a new server on the iOS app, it replaces the current server instead of saving both. So if I leave my LAN and have to connect through DDNS or IP I have to set up a new server. When I come home and am back on WiFi, I have to set up the server with local network info.
    - Ability to store multiple servers would make a good addition.
  • @Pr0digity - the app does allow you to add multiple servers. The problem sound like you are adding the same server two times - the app will recognise that they are the same, and will overwrite the old instance with the new one.

    Instead, what you should do is initially add the server when you are on your LAN (where the server will be auto-discovered) - the app will pull all details required for connection both over LAN and Internet, so when you are subsequently away from your LAN you simply tap on the same server instance and it should just work (this assumes you are using SecuritySpy's service rather than some other DDNS service).
  • Hi Ben - I have a problem with the iOS app in that it works fine on the LAN, picks up the cameras really quickly, however if I am away and trying to access via internet, it doesn't connect through and presents a connection error. If I hit the '+' and configure the server myself (as I am using port 8005) it connects OK for that session but then doesn't save the setting and the next time I enter the app to connect remotely I get the connection error again.
    I am set up to use SS's service and all is green re that service.
    Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks
  • @rprobinson as above, it must be recognising that the servers are the same, and overwriting the old instance with the one you're manually adding.

    Try this: remove all added servers (swipe left and click the Delete button). Then manually add the server using the details you would use to access it from the Internet. Does this then work from both within your LAN, and from the Internet? This would depend on your router, but it works in most cases.

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