Re-ordering the Video Device List
  • Is there any way to re-order the list of the video devices in Video Device Settings?
  • Yes - simply click and drag the camera names in the Camera Status window - drag them up and down to change the order that the cameras are displayed throughout SecuritySpy.
  • Ooooh, that's a great feature!
  • Sorry, you misunderstood me.
    I'm talking about the Device List
  • Hi Abid, if you are referring to the order of cameras in the Video Device Settings window, then I'm afraid this cannot be changed, sorry.
  • Glad to see that this can be done. Ideal if you have many cameras and want to group certain ones together.
  • In SecuritySpy version 4 this can be done in the Cameras section of the Preferences window: in the list on the left, click and drag the camera names up and down to re-order them.

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