Doorbird and Security Spy - a happy mix?
  • So, DoorBird. I'm interested... for my Security Spy installation obviously. But forgive my naïve questions, this is all scarily new for me.

    I read the API doc on the DoorBird website, and apart from dire (red/bold) warnings about how the DoorBird LAN API is Beta and only those who fear nothing should tread here, it goes on about the API being "adapted to only ONE simultaneous audio/video call for live communication".

    So does that mean that it could stream to SercuritySpy but not to the SmartPhone App at the same time?
    I'd like SecuritySpy to capture who is there but I also want to answer the door from wherever I am in the house... am I being clear?
    Hopefully I'm worried about nothing. Any thoughts please?
    Many thanks
  • Hi Paul,

    The DoorBird has been tested and does work with SecuritySpy (hence it's on our list of compatible cameras). I wasn't aware of the warning about one stream - perhaps other users with this device can chime in here - but in any case once you have the video and audio streaming to SecuritySpy, you can use one of the SecuritySpy viewing apps to connect to SecuritySpy to obtain the stream.
  • Thanks Ben, I wasn't aware that any of the SecuritySpy "viewing apps" could function like a realtime DoorBell/Intercom. The idea of an App that rings my Mac/iPad/iphone is what appeals to me about Doorbird. And integrating it into SecuritySpy meant that I could record who was there...
    Maybe I'm just not thinking creatively enough. Which "viewingapp" did you have in mind please?
  • Hi Paul,

    If you use either Remote Patrol or Spyglass as the viewing app on your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to receive notifications whenever SecuritySpy detects motion from the Doorbird. Then you can load up the app (by swiping on the notification) and see and hear the activity at your door. Currently there is no two-way audio support (i.e. from computer to camera) so you won't be able to talk to the person at the door, but we hope to add this feature at some point in the future.
  • Thanks Ben
    We use SecuritySpy today to obviously detect and record movement. But in our "home" environment, there are many spurious events that trigger notifications (spiders, people passing etc) so I doubt that a SecuritySpy "movement" notification can realistically be integrated into our lives as a "Doorbell".
    But I'm open to ideas and if the function becomes part of your product in the future, I'd be very happy.

    For the moment, I'm thinking to go ahead with DoorBird and their App but keep it separate from Security Spy. The doorbell is at the end of a pathway and that path is covered by a Security Spy camera.

    If you want to come over to deepest darkest France and try making it work another way, you'd be very welcome ߘ

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