SecuritySpy URLs
  • Hi,

    I am trying to integrate SecuritySpy with OpenHAB home automation system.

    I have managed to put one of my IP Camera's feeds on to the (HABPanel) custom homepage (via SecuritySpy) without displaying the header by using this URL:

    I can't seem reduce the size of the feed to fit in the window. Is there something I can put in the URL which would do this?
  • You can change the size using width and height parameters, like this:

    You don't need the other parameters (viewMethod, imageSize or windowWidth).
  • Hi
    In a short future, I want to install a jeedom server, and send some instructions to securityspy server.

    I have not the jeedom server yet, I currently make some tests with my browser.

    Securityspy is set with https server. When I want to access to this URL:
    The browser show the identification pop up (user/password).
    Is it possible to specify directly user/password in the url?
  • OK thanks, it works but...

    - Safari iphone identifies this address like a phishing site. Then I must ignore alert.

    - Safari Mac os can't open this URL with the message "no application has been set to open this URL".

    - Chrome PC is ok after the https alert

    Some times, Safari wants to validate certificate...

    Then, I want to do the sale thing with http, but Safari Mac OS give the same message (no app set to open this url).
    It works with Chrome and Safari ios
  • This used to be better-supported by web browsers, but it seems due to security concerns you are getting these messages, and it looks like Safari has removed support altogether.

    There is another way, which is to add an "auth" parameter to the request. The value of this parameter is the Base64-encoded version of the string username:password.

    So for example, if the username and password are both "admin", use the tool linked to above to convert "admin:admin" into Base64, which is "YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=". You then add this to the URL like this:


    Hope this helps.
  • Perfect. Thanks!

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