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  • Hey Guys!

    i'm looking to see why i can't get notifications running properly. Going through the logs, i'm getting

    Could not get Apple Push Notification feedback data from server - notifications will not be sent for the next hour - please make sure that outgoing connections from this software to the internet are not being blocked

    hourly, obviously. Just wondering what could cause this?

  • SecuritySpy needs to get feedback from Apple's servers to tell it if any of the devices set up to receive notifications are failing (e.g. you have previously set up a device to receive notifications from SecuritySpy, but you have since deleted the app from that iOS device).

    If SecuritySpy were to keep sending notifications to failed devices, it will eventually get blocked by Apple's servers. This is why the feedback data is so important.

    The most common reason why SecuritySpy wouldn't be able to get the feedback data is if you have any connection-blocking software installed on your Mac, for example "Little Snitch".
  • Well (no little snitch install on that server) all outbound is enabled but I'm very restrictive with opening inbound ports, is there one I need to OpenTable for the notification service to function properly?
  • Just to amend my last comment, i am now forwarding 2195 and 2196, and i'm still getting the error:(
  • SecuritySpy makes an outgoing secure HTTPS connection on port 443 to bensoftware.com to obtain this data (the data comes from Apple's servers, but we distribute it to SecuritySpy clients from our own server for various reasons). Please make sure SecuritySpy is able to make outgoing connections to the internet.
  • I'm having this problem also, starting 01 Nov. 2017 and not had it previously and had not changed my configurations in the SecSpy server or my router. Perhaps a change was made at Ben Software?
    Running OS X 10.7.5 on server, 4.1.6 of SecSpy.
    No firewall rules running on the server.
    I have allowed port 443 (presumably in both directions) on my router.
    Any suggestions as to how to resolve this issue?
  • I think this is due to recent security enhancements placed on our server by our hosting company, whereby they have disabled older SSL cyphers and TLS versions. Unfortunately macOS 10.7 is now quite old and doesn't have the required SSL capabilities to make a secure connection in this new environment.

    I will see if there is anything we can do from a server point of view about this, but also I have added a fallback to unencrypted communication for these connections in the case of an SSL connection failure, in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.2.1b9).

    This connection to get the feedback data doesn't transmit any particularly sensitive information, so I would not consider it a security risk to fall back to unencrypted transfer in this case. However, we may need to look at discontinuing our support for these older macOS system versions for reasons such as this.

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