SS 4.04 hanging frequently.
  • Hi,

    Since upgrading to v4 and then onward to 4.04 my Macmini is suffering from regular lock ups. OSX complains SS has hung and if I try and force close nothing happens. I am forced to power off as the machine becomes unresponsive. This is becoming a real pain as it obviously stops my CCTV system from working.

    Can you provide some ideas to troubleshoot please?

    I am running on El Capitan with all the latest updates v10.11.6 on a Macmini Late 2012 i7.

    SS worked flawlessly with the previous version, v3.
  • I have just noticed that there is a beta version out, v4.06b2 which specifically targets crashing using HTTP streaming. I will download that and test it.
  • I have now tried various beta versions but SS is now almost unusable. It hangs the entire Mac almost every day and I simply cannot rely on it. I am about to try 4.06b5 but not hoping for much.

  • When you say that "OSX complains SS has hung", do you get an error message to this effect? What exactly does it say?

    If I am understanding you correctly, when this happens, the whole machine is unresponsive, is this correct?

    How often does this happen? It could be a corrupt OS X installation (it should be impossible for one app like SecuritySpy to bring down the whole machine, even it it were misbehaving in some way).
  • Hi Ben

    My MacMini is headless so I remote into the machine via VNC. SS seems to hang regularly (at least every day since v4) and makes the machine unresponsive. OSX complains that SS has crashed, but I cannot even Force Quit it, so all I can do is reboot it.

    I run some other apps on the machine, such as Plex, OSX server and sometimes Parallels for some VMs when they are in use for my work.

    V3 worked fine for months on the same machine with the same apps.
  • Try plugging in a monitor at least as a test (it will help VNC as well) or get something like the OWC headless adapter (that tricks the computer into thinking a screen is connected) - either will load the video drivers that otherwise don't.
  • Brian's suggestion is a good one for anyone running a headless Mac - adding a dummy monitor dongle will greatly speed up any software that makes significant use of the video hardware (like SecuritySpy does).

    If SecuritySpy is crashing there must be a reason why (though again it shouldn't be possible to bring down the whole machine in this way). So that we can investigate, please locate and email us the crash log files for SecuritySpy. These are located in the ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ folder (within your user folder).

    To get to the Library folder, hold the alt key while clicking the Finder's Go menu, and select the Library item that will appear in this menu.
  • OK I have connected my screen via HDMI to the MacMini and will monitor SS over the next few days. Thanks.
  • Ditto on the monitor or video adapter to force loading of video drivers.

    It may also be useful to keep Activity Monitor running with the CPU usage pane in view. That helped me find which processes are chewing up CPU time. On a mac that was periodically becoming extremely sluggish (up to minutes to respond to a mouse click), I found the powerd process was using up 97% of all CPU.

    Keep the CPU pane in view so you can see what the happening even during a "freeze" that makes the machine non-responsive.
  • Just to let you guys know. SS has been running for 3 days without a single hang since plugging in a HDMI monitor. So it seems this issue has been resolved. Thanks!

    Perhaps worth mentioning this on your Wiki somewhere as this is info I was not aware of.

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