Amcrest IP2M-841 problem with PTZ zoom and presets
  • I have installed this camera using the ONVIF configuration and the login username/password has full "admin" rights.

    Video and audio are working great, but I have two problems with the PTZ options:

    When I click "+" or "-", the camera zooms continuously to the maximum or minimum setting without stopping.

    I cannot create or use any of the preset positions.

    When I use a web browser to connect directly to the camera and login, I can create/use presets and zoom in or out using the built-in camera web firmware without any problem.

    All my actions are on the local lan, there is no remote access or gateway adding any complexity or networking variables.

    The camera is connected over WiFi, not the Ethernet port.

  • Additional information:

    When I click on a preset number, SecuritySpy logs this error message:

    Error sending PTZ command for camera "Amcrest". 4.0.5,4430,8800 The server closed the connection.

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