Problem with records
  • As I said in other topic (, I have 2 identicals cams.

    This 2 cams are not using the same rate of cpu: one about 50%, an one about 10%. I thought it was not a problem. But this difference also leads another problems: records are not corrects!

    Look at this screenshot:

    FAC_ARR is 57.8% cpu, and continous record is done without problems.
    FAC_AVT is 7.8% cpu, but take a look to the 2016-08-03 folder: names of files are 02-08-2016 and the time is inconsistent!

    I restarted secuspy on 2016-08-02.

    Before I restarted ss4, the problem was on FAC_ARR cam, which was about 50% cpu. After restart, cpu consomption beetwen FAC_AVT and FAC_ARR are inverted, and the record problem is now on FAC_AVT.

    In conclusion: if cpu consomption is about 50%, records are OK. If cpu is about 10%, records are not corrects.

    I don't know where is the problem. The configuration is the same for the 2 cams (except IP)...

    Have you got an idea?
  • Okay, then I made some changes today:
    - upgrade to 4.0.4 (was in 4.0.3)
    - uncheck the "recompress" box for all cams

    Then my 2 identicals cams are now all about 10% cpu. I will check later if records works fine.
  • It's certainly better to leave the "Recompress video data" option turned off. Hopefully with this change, along with the update to 4.0.4, your problems will go away. Please report back after running for a while and let us know how things are working.
  • Then, after a few days, it's perfect!
    Records are ok for all cams, cpu is under 10% for all cams...everything is ok!
  • Just a reminder: with no recompress option, text overlay is not possible (then, date and time are not shown).
    The only way is to setup directly on the cam.

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