Schedules reverting to "Manual control"
  • My camera schedules keep reverting to "Manual control" after sometimes several minutes. Sometimes the schedule for Motion Capture will change, sometimes Continuous Capture will change, sometimes both. I'm using v4.0.4
  • I just had this happen on one camera seemingly due to some hiccup. The video hung momentarily and suddenly no C M A and it was on Manual control. When I set a schedule it should stay that way regardless.
  • I just noticed a couple of old SeuritySpy preferences in the Preferences folder. I deleted them, I hope this was the issue, I get a ton of motion caption files when the schedules revert to Manual.
  • Note that if no schedule is currently set, and you manually arm a camera's mode, then SecuritySpy will change the schedule to "Active all the time". This is how it remembers the manual input between restarts of the software. Then, if you subsequently manually disarm a camera's mode, the schedule will be reset to "Manual control" in order to be able to accurately reflect and remember the manual input. This could explain what you are seeing.

    This does not apply if you have set up a custom schedule for the camera. In this case the set schedule should always remain set, and any manual input will apply only temporarily until the next event in the schedule.
  • I do use custom schedules. I think deleting old preferences may have fixed the issue, the schedules haven't changed in about 2 days.
  • In the same boat. Created a custom schedule but I can't get it to "stick" to a cam.
    Have deleted all old preferences.
    Looking for ideas on what else to try :)
  • Hi @hwitten this was a bug in previous versions of SecuritySpy but is not a known problem with the latest version which is currently 4.0.4. Please make sure you are up to date and let me know if your problems persist with this version. Thanks.
  • All good Ben. Thank you.

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