Mavericks compatibility
  • Hi,
    I was wondering if there is going to be an update to make SecuritySpy compatible with Mavericks. Thank you.
  • Yes - it's already released! Check our our SecuritySpy download page and SecuritySpy version history.
  • Great! Thank you.
  • I have 3 StarDot Express 6 servers. Since I upgraded to Mavericks, Security Spy is taking 5 minutes to update all the images. It used to take seconds. I made no other changes. Ten seem to update immediately and eight on various servers take a long time.
  • This is probably the new "App Nap" feature reducing CPU time allocated to SecuritySpy. There are two solutions: one is to download and use the latest version of SecuritySpy - version 3.1.2 was released today which has a new feature that will bypass App Nap provided you have not enabled the "Allow automatic computer sleep" option in SecuritySpy's Preferences.

    The other solution is to select SecuritySpy in the Finder and choose the Get Info option from the File menu - there will be an option there to disable App Nap for SecuritySpy.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thank you. This works.
  • Just upgraded to Maverick. This may be coincidental, but even though I have Preferences set not to allow computer to sleep, just display, when I wake the display my cameras have gone to passive with blue screens. I can get the one Foscam to become active, but not the two ACTi cameras which remain with blue screen.
  • Hi Richinwal - what version of SecuritySpy are you using? Thanks.
  • 3.1.2
    Also Network Device Finder does not work with Maverick. I get a message that no networks were found.
  • I just tried to update to the new version of Security Spy and its asking me to purchase it??? Since I already purchased the program previously why do I need to buy it again to update to a newer version??? Most software companies provide free updates after the initial purchase of their software.
  • Ok so after going back and looking at the upgrade link I screwed up and clicked on the wrong option. My apologies.
  • Hi JVG - glad to hear you worked it out. For anyone else following this thread we have only twice ever charged for upgrades (version 2.0 and version 3.0 of SecuritySpy) and offer these at a 70% discount off retail prices for existing users of the previous version.

    For customers who already own any 2.x version (e.g. 2.0), it is free to upgrade to any later 2.x version (e.g 2.2.4). Likewise for version 3.x - simply download and install the new version.

    Richinwal - it sounds like we'll need to look into this further, please can you email us and include the log file that you will find in your SecuritySpy folder within your Documents folder. And yes we'll be updating Network Device Finder to work with Mavericks.
  • Hi,

    I upgraded to Mavericks and updated Security Spy as well, but now I lost my latest camera configurations. It shows me an older status of my set-up with less and differently configured cameras. How can I recover the lost configurations?.
  • Hi,

    I recovered the old version of security spy (3.0.4) via Time Machine and now I have all camera configurations back. I deactivated App Nap as described by you above and it seems to work with Mavericks.
  • Hi Fok - please try this: in the Finder, hold the alt key and click on the Go menu, and select "Library" from this menu. Within the Library folder, open the Preferences folder. Locate the file "SecuritySpy Preferences v67" and drag it to the Trash (this won't affect the settings for SecuritySpy version 3.0.4). Then try SecuritySpy 3.1.2 again and it should read all the settings from version 3.0.4.
  • Hi Ben,

    this has worked. I now run security spy 3.1.2. Thanks
  • I am having a similar issue with my cameras since the maverick update. I have contacted you previously about this issue. After my last reply I have yet to hear back so I figured maybe I've got a better shot here. I have checked and rechecked my settings, everything is as it should be and I'm running the latest version of software. When my computer goes to sleep it seems like essentially my cams go to sleep as well because I am not able to view my cams from my app. Now, when I go wake my computer up there's blue screen and then my cams come on and I am able to view my cams. It's like my computer can not go to sleep if I want to be able to view my cams which I use for security purposes . I do not want to have to leave my computer awake all the time just so I can view the cams, not only is this a tremendous inconvenience it will cut down on the life of my computer. Please help me resolve this!
  • Hi Buff, your last email to us was on Friday evening and now it's Monday morning, please excuse the weekend delay in getting back to you.

    I'm afraid your computer will need to be awake in order for SecuritySpy to display and record from your cameras. When the computer is sleeping, nothing can run on the computer. It's not just SecuritySpy that is affected in this way: no apps can run when the computer is sleeping. Otherwise it wouldn't really be sleeping!

    I hope this isn't too inconvenient for you. As for the lifespan of the computer, it isn't clear whether leaving the computer on all the time is bad or good for the lifespan (some people think the latter), although I haven't seen any actual studies done on this.
  • I am having the same problem as Richinwal. When my Display goes to sleep the cameras go blue screen. This isn't Computer Sleep. Never had this issue before. thanks
  • After i updated my software it appears to be working now. Hope it keeps it up.
  • Hi prss14 - it'll be the "app nap" feature in Mavericks that was causing this. The latest version of SecuritySpy disables app nap, so you won't experience this problem now that you've updated you SecuritySpy version.

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