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  • Ben,
    I'm not proficient with Applescript, and I'm wondering if its possible to make a script that will open Preferences and change the Sensitivity settings, then close prefs. Does that seem like something that would work?

  • Select File, Open Dictionary in Script Editor and open I made this basic script that will set the sensitivity of camera 3 to 64. Paste it in Script Editor, save as an .app or .scpt, and run it! AppleScript is nearly English. Google for more help.

    tell application "SecuritySpy"
    set sensitivity 64 camera number 3
    end tell
  • Thank-you, I got this to work.
  • Additional follow up question: I would like to use Applescript to control the "Trigger Time" value [the drop-down menu under Motion Triggers]. I'm thinking day/night settings.

    In Applescript dictionary, I see "get motion v" and "set motion v", but I'm not getting the response. What am I missing, please?
  • You have to do it from the Web server. Use Applescript to run shell script, "curl -d 'cameraNum=1&mdTriggerTime=4&action=save' http://username:password@".

    Change username:password to credentials that have appropriate access. I tested that and it works to set trigger time to half the entered value, in this case 2 seconds..
  • Thank-you again. Will advise. It's starting to make a bit more sense.

    Ref: Ben's scripting page:

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