Motion Capture not working on SS 4
  • My cameras were recording fine on SS3, but now that I switched to SS4, they are not capturing video. The 'M' lights up on live view camera windows as if they are capturing, but video is not recorded. I have the same settings in SS3 and they still record fine. Any idea what the issue might be? I made sure they are recorded to the correct HD destination.
  • If the "M" lights up in red, this means that recording is taking place, so the files must be being saved somewhere. If you open the Browser, locate the recording, click on it, and use the "Reveal in Finder" option in the Browser menu, you will be able to see where the files are being saved.
  • Same issue here. I just discovered that motion capture has doesn't work last couple of days after the update 4.0.2b6. Strange thing is that it was with only a specific cam. I edit the settings (motion sensitivity to 65 and back to 60) and everything is working fine now.
  • Please can you both try the new version of SecuritySpy released today (4.0.2) to see if this resolves your problem?
  • Hi Ben,
    Just downloaded the new version and did some tests.
    I think I know what it is:
    After the update the setting of some cams (I later discovered there are more with these problems) jumps automatically to "manual control". So, I set these cams back to Armed all time and saved the prefs. But these settings won't be saved... When I take a look again some cams are back again to Manual control....
  • "the letters C, M and A indicate the three modes that can be separately armed or disarmed: Continuous Capture, Motion Capture and Actions."
    2 Cams gives a Status of CMA but I have no Actions with these cams. Wy is the A (grey) displayed?
  • I think this could be the way in which the schedule interacts with manual control of the cameras.

    If the schedule is set to "Armed all the time", but then the camera is disarmed manually, then the manual input conflicts with the schedule. So SecuritySpy will change the schedule setting back to "Manual control" to allow the manual input to take effect.

    Then, if you subsequently arm a camera manually, SecuritySpy changes the schedule setting back to "Armed all the time".

    In this way, the schedule setting acts as the memory for the manual input. If you want the cameras armed all the time, use the schedule and don't touch the manual controls. Or if you want to decide ad-hoc when to arm/disarm, then use the manual controls rather than the schedule.

    Can you confirm that this is the behaviour you are seeing, and if you don't think SecuritySpy should be doing this, could you propose an alternative scheme?
  • In the menu bar I set "Arm Motion Capture for All cameras"
    (I think it would be useful when there is a mark of the setting in this menu)
    When I then looked at the setting of the font door cam , it says Armed all the time and is working well. But the garage cam is again set with Schedule Manual control...
  • Updating fixed the issue for me.
  • And the motion captures are spontaneous very very looooong (20 minutes for 1 minute movement). SS3x everything was working fine and all settings works perfect but after this update strange thinks happened.
  • Ben, because we can't send screen dumps here at the forum I sent you an email with some screen dumps: Motion at camera 2 in Camera info screen, Camera armed, but no recordings. Exactly same settings as camera 1 and recordings camera 1 are working perfect. How is this possible?
  • The above problems (in between time other cams have also random these kind of problems; no recordings or spontaneous very loooong recordings with a total different meta data time) are for sure only with the latest SS 4 version.
    We have 2 licences and the 4.0.2b6 works perfect.

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