4.0 Full Screen Mode
  • Firstly, thanks for bringing us this vastly improved release. Working out a few issues I will likely purchase the upgrade.

    With version 3, the application could be in full screen mode and I could Cmd-Tab to another app or Cmd-Space to use Spotlight and launch whatever. I have an Applescript called as an action by each of my cameras that enters full screen mode and it is making it difficult to go on using one thing with SS in the background because full screen mode activates on top of everything else.
  • Previously, SecuritySpy was merely simulating full screen mode by hiding the menu bar and putting up some windows at the same size as the screen. This is why you were able to put it in the background and do other things. SecuritySpy version 4 does it the "proper" Cocoa way, by taking over the screen. I'm afraid I don't think there's a way to change this behaviour, sorry.
  • Yes I see.

    In iTerm preferences, you can uncheck the "Use Lion-style Fullscreen windows" checkbox which will make the full screen without a new Space.

    Can you do something like that to include the old mode too? Thanks for everything.

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