Preference changes don't take affect until you close preferences
  • I got stuck trying to set up a camera for over 1/2 an hour, with endless variations on settings.

    I finally gave up thinking something was wrong, when I closed off the preferences window only to find a "do you want to save" option being presented, and finally everything worked.

    It would be better if there was an explicit save/apply buttons (as there are in the network pane of system preferences for example) so that changes can be applied/tested without having to go in an out of preferences endlessly, and to prevent mistakes like mine.
  • I agree, It seems 'untidy' to have to close the Preferences window to 'force' a save of the changes.
  • Hold down Command-S on the keyboard will save immediately.
  • Yes it does, but how would you know this?
    Interfaces should be discoverable/more easily understood.
    I've been working for decades on macs, and I didn't think to use Save to put preference changes in effect.
  • It's true that most Apple apps don't require you to explicitly save the preferences; changes take place as soon as you click the controls. However, if we used this model in SecuritySpy, adjusting recording settings in the Preferences could result in multiple interruptions to the current recording, so it's not ideal.

    What we could do is add the red dot to the close button in the Preferences when something needs to be saved. This seems to be standard across applications nowadays.
  • I would prioritize Security Spy to behaving as expected over avoiding disruptions in recordings while adjustments are being made.

    1. It would reduce user error and make SS once more intuitive.

    2. I EXPECT that changes to camera adjustments to disrupt recordings while I make changes to settings. It's perfectly acceptable to me.

    3. Avoidance of users doing frustrating sessions of adjusting controls and having not apparent effect is a good thing. Sure, they could manually flush the changes out to make the take effect, but that is just poorly discoverable as evidenced by multiple people having difficulties transitioning to this "improved" delayed MVC paradigm.
  • OK, after consulting the Apple Human Interface guidelines, it looks like the most appropriate thing to do here would be to include an "Apply" button at the bottom of the Preferences window. I'll add that to the "to do" list. Thanks for all your feedback.
  • That is a workable solution. At least it clues the user in that settings must be applied to take any effect.

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