4.0 First Impressions
  • So far it seems to be nice. A couple things I have noticed:

    Passwords for the cameras can be seen instead of ••••••

    I can no longer click on a camera in a window and control the PTZ with the arrow keys, +, - ?

    I understand how to use the new PTZ "window". I have a feeling this is going to confuse people. Also, I now have to leave "room" for the window to pop out the side of the main window. Normally I have the main camera window set to take up the entire monitor.

    No longer have a network map window?

    How do we now set the order of the cameras in the main window?

    I use SS to view a remote site, and when I open the camera info window, there are no cameras listed.

    Very much like the new pref window / area. Much better having it all in one area. Thank you for the TLS minimum requirement!

    Keep up the great work guys! Will pay for the upgrade soon if my main SS computer will support it.
  • Thanks for your feedback.

    The camera passwords being displayed was a frequently-requested feature, with many users forgetting the passwords and requesting that SecuritySpy display them. So this was an intentional change in 4.0. If users don't like this, we'll add an option to turn on/off plain-text display of passwords, this should suit everyone.

    If you click on a camera in a window, you can hold the shift key and use the numeric keypad or arrow keys to control the camera's PTZ.

    We'll see how well-liked the new PTZ drawer turns out to be. The problem before was that it got far too messy and cluttered with one PTZ window per camera.

    There is no "device map" window. All this information is now displayed in the Camera Info window.

    As for viewing from a remote site, there is no particular reason why this shouldn't work. If you can email us screenshots of your setup we'll be able to help you troubleshot. It's probably a simple settings issue.
  • By they way, if you hold down the shift key, you can control PTZ directly by clicking on a camera's video image in any video window: click on the right side of the frame to move right etc.
  • I think the passwords should be hidden or option to hide them (I don't think passwords should ever be displayed). We use the same passwords on the cameras as other network devices, and some people do not need to know those passwords. I know it is not the best security practice, but for small business it works.

    Maybe make the PTZ window a separate window (not attached to the camera window), maybe with a drop down list at the top, where the camera name is, so you can select the camera to control OR clicking on the camera video.

    Shift and arrows works, thanks!

    The remote view is working fine, I just don't see how to arrange the camera order in the main window.

    Looks like I need a 32bit version or a new Mac. Apple really screwed me with this Mac Pro. Dual Xeons 2.66Ghz, but stuck in 32bit mode...
  • Hi Shawn, I think you're right, we'll implement the option to hide the passwords int he next version.

    You can change the camera order by dragging cameras up and down in the list in the Cameras section in the Preferences window.

    Yes it's really unfortunate that those original Mac Pros are 32-bit only and therefore can't be upgraded beyond OS X 10.7.
  • Great performance improvement with 4.0. Running a mid-2010 mac mini, and it's noticeably faster, the CPU load has significantly decreased, and the network errors are gone. Increased camera resolution, and still working great.
  • @7RDR7 - great to hear that! Perhaps your Mac mini has H.264 hardware-acceleration, which offers big speed improvements and which SecuritySpy 4 can take advantage of.
  • Congratulations on the new release, Ben.

    I'm having a problem with the web server. I'm getting flashes of gray across the images that were not there under the same settings in 3.X. I reduced the frame rates for all cameras and now there is less flash. I'd say 1 camera is flashing every second.

    I'm running this on a 2014 MacMini - El Capitan - everything is up to date. Plenty of disk space available.

    I've followed your suggestions in the FAQ to improve performance.

    What do you suggest?

    Thanks and congratulations again. Obviously a lot of hard work has gone into this release.

  • Hi Wayne, we've had a handful of users report this, though it's not something we have seen here and it's proving very difficult to reproduce. I didn't come up in our testing at all. But the fact that more than one user has reported this does indicate there's a bug with the video streaming via the web server that is exposed in certain limited circumstances. Are all your cameras affected or just a few? Can you spot anything unique in the setup of the cameras that are affected by this?
  • Count me in, I'm getting black flashes. Sent an email to support with video attachments
  • Same here Ben, but I also got the green flashes under 3.x. Just a FYI.
  • I'm getting the grey flashes using web viewer, Spyglass and remote patrol. Viewing using SecuritySpy seems fine.
  • I'm also seeing grey flashes, when viewing the SecuritySpy Web Server via Remote Patrol on my iPhone. When I have the initial window that shows all three cameras, the images flash about every second. If I select one specific camera, that image is steady and does not flash. I am not experiencing any flashing with Remote Patrol HD on my iPad Pro.
  • I am having the screen turn green periodically on a few cameras that didn't happen. then when I try to play back a recorded movie, the program crashes. I sent you the crash report and log.
  • Seeing the same. Grey on the bottom sometimes small other times 40% grey... As though the frame transmission stops before its complete. Also it's not every camera. Higher resolution maybe. This is viewing from an android app connecting to ss webserver. Also tried connecting connecting from another ss app.....it fails occasionally... A log window is displayed... Error is frames lost during decompression.... Will check it more.
  • For those not seeing cameras in the camera info window, try dragging the edge to enlarge the window. I was having the same issue and after enlarging the window I could see all of my cameras.
  • Today, everything was white and it seemed that things were not going well. I exited out. I think the program still has a few bugs in it. I get a lot of "broken pipe" reports.

    I have Foscam H264 cameras. they are all on the same router. and the frame rate is set to 10 frames per second in the software. I am not sure if it is that in the hardware. I can go into each camera and change that. Should I to make the camera and the software sync on the same frame rate?
  • Nice update, I like the visible passwords but agree that a hover over or hide by default would be good.
    I have a FireWire camera and extra view USB, so I'm using the 32-bit Version. Apparently I have to use the 32-bit Version on a remote computer to view those cameras as well?
    And I'm not seeing any cameras listed in the camera info window on Main or remote computers.

    It would be helpful to see the live motion indicator and the sensitivity slide on the same screen where you draw to omit sections from motion detection.

    In the preference pane, how about a save button to complete a refresh of changes without having to close the window..
  • Hi Scott,

    Glad you like the new software! Yes we'll add an option to obscure the camera password in the nest update (out soon).

    You're right that you'll need the 32-bit version on the Mac with the FireWire camera. However, for the other Mac that's viewing the streams (I presume obtaining the streams from the other SecuritySpy instance), you can run the 64-bit version if you want to.

    The Camera Info window is probably just too small; click and drag the bottom to enlarge it. The next version will impose a larger minimum size for this window.

    Good suggestion about the motion bar, I'll see if we can do this for the next version.

    While in the Preferences window you can use the Save item in the File menu (or command-S on the keyboard) to save the preferences while still in the window.
  • Hi Ben,

    I just installed the new version and it is looking good! The browser window is a huge improvement. However, as I record continuously, I'd love for the browser to be able to bypass the scanning (I also do motion capture) and quickly let me see the window and then have the option to scan to see the individual files. Any plans for something like this? Scanning if I select 5 cameras is quite slow.

    I'll be purchasing the upgrade this weekend when I get some more time to play with it.

  • Hi Ben: I was out yesterday and am only able to respond now. Having another look - i'm seeing less flashing today - and only on the Hikvision cameras - which are higher resolution than the Panasonic cameras. When I wrote - all of the cameras were flashing.

    If you'd like I'd be happy to set up an account for you to view my cameras directly. Send me a private email (you have it in my registration - or tell me where to email the details to here) and I'll set it up for you. I only ask that you not mess with the PTZ on the Panasonics.

    Thanks, Ben.

    PS - our company does s/w development and know very well the post-release mysterious issues. Your acknowledgement of the problem and the mystery speaks to your professionalism.
  • A vote here for plain passwords please. When I'm in test mode I'm forever forgetting which of my passwords is on which camera. By all means have an option to switch them off.

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