SecuritySpy 4
  • Hi
    SecuritySpy 4 is now avalaible and seems to be great :)
    But I maked a try with this version, and RemotePatrol is not able to discover the new version (version is ???).

    Do you know if a new version of Remote Patrol is on way to works correctly with SSpy 4?

  • Hi @drs, glad you like it! I know that the developer is working on an update to officially support SecuritySpy version 4, however we tested Remote Patrol with SecuritySpy version 4 and found no problems. Even though it may not report the correct SecuritySpy version, all functions should work (viewing live video, playing back recorded footage etc.).
  • HI Ben
    After a restart of SSpy 4 ans Remote Patrol, it works :)

    Do you know if the new version of Remote Patrol will include the possibility to arm/disarm Motion, continuous record and Actions separatly?
    (at this time, it's only possible to arm/disarm globally, like with SSpy 3)
  • just a comment: it's too bad to pay again for the SSpy 4, because I've bought the Sspy 3 11 month ago... :(
  • Great to hear that it works. I'm pretty sure that a near-future version of Remote Patrol will implement the ability to arm and disarm the separate modes independently.

    As for upgrading, I think we are more generous than most software companies. Users who purchased in the last 6 months have free upgrades, other users have a major discount off the full retail price. To produce the new version took a year and a half of very hard work, so I hope you agree that our upgrade policies are very reasonable.
  • 6 months? I thought the period was longer...Then I was wrong :)
    Can you tell me how long I can acquire version 4 to 50%?
    Because I would wait the new version of Remote Patrol to test new functionnalities, and I would be sure that all works before buying the new version 4?
  • Sorry, it's always been 6 months :)

    The 50% discount offer (for existing users of any version of SecuritySpy) will extend for 1 month, until 21 July 2016. After that date, there will still be a discount, but not as much (precise details to be confirmed). If you want to find out for sure what the enhancements in the next version of Remote Patrol will be, you can contact the developer of Remote Patrol.
  • Remote viewing is incredibly important for us. I would encourage you again to develop your own app for Security Spy… I'm reluctant to upgrade because of the lack of development with Remote Patrol... Additionally, audio is incredibly important. Can you give us an idea of what cameras and WHEN will next be implemented for audio with SS 4.

    Thanks for your efforts!

  • Hi Jay,

    Thanks for your feedback. What audio features do you need exactly? Both Spyglass and Remote Patrol can play live audio from SecuritySpy. Or are you referring to two-way audio (which is a new feature in version 4 but hasn't made it into the apps yet)?

    Although Remote Patrol hasn't been updated in a while, it still works well with SecuritySpy version 4, and I do know that there is a new version in the pipeline.
  • Hi, when I try to enter the new code from the conformation email in SS, I get an error message, The registration details you have entered are not valid.

  • Hi Anthony,

    Firstly, make sure to quit your old version of SecuritySpy and download and install the new one from the SecuritySpy Download Page. Then, when you enter your details into SecuritySpy 4, make sure to enter both the name and code exactly as they appear in your confirmation email. Copy-and-paste is the easiest way to make sure this is done correctly.
  • In the registration window I used enter new code.
  • Hi Anthony,

    Yes, that is where you enter the new name and code - in the Registration window. Did you manage to get it working? If not, please can you email us screenshots to demonstrate the problem and we will investigate further. To capture a screenshot, press command-shift-4 and select the area you want to capture. A file called "Screen shot" will appear on your desktop.

    We've never seen our automated system generate incorrect codes, so it's most likely simply a case of making sure you have the right SecuritySpy version, and making sure you are entering the details correctly.
  • Thanks, you need to reword the confirmation email and provide a direct link to the download page.
  • Good idea, I will do that.
  • Hi Everyone,

    I just upgraded to version 4 and I could use some direction. I normally run my SS server on my main Mac Pro and when I am not traveling I monitor all my cams directly through the application itself on a second monitor. On all previous versions I could PTZ my cameras that had that feature by either opening an individual window and hitting the arrow keys or opening the specific PTZ box for each cam. I am no longer seeing that on any camera in security spy v.4. Has this been deleted or how do I activate them? If I am viewing through the web I do see the buttons. Thx for the help!!
  • Well if I would have read further I would have found the other PTZ thread. Sorry but I am good now thx!!
  • Since upgrading to SS 4 I've had issue with the program quitting unexpectedly. Happens once every 5 or 7 days.

    Any ideas?
  • Hi @dannasoft - this could be for a number of different reasons, please locate the crash logs (in the ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ folder - use the "Go to Folder" option in the Go menu of the Finder to get here) and email them to us and we'll take a look.
  • Well I'm very happy with Version 4 and it was well worth the upgrade price. Great work. Always a few bugs to beat down, but a worthy upgrade overall.
  • Thanks doodah!

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