Correct time on cameras
  • Hi,
    I have 3 cameras, and all 3 show the correct date, but time is different on each one? They do not sinc with my iMac's time.
    I tried for long time to fix it, but no joy.
    Any ideas?
  • Hi Bulent - what exact make and model are your cameras?
  • Hi Ben,
    They are Dahua 4300S cameras
  • Hi Bulent, log on to your camera using a web browser (e.g. Safari) and click the Setup option. Go to System -> General -> Date&Time, and enable the "Synchronise with NTP server" option, and enter as the NTP server. This will ensure that the time on your cameras will always be correct.

    Your firmware version may differ slightly from the one I'm looking at, but basically you want to find the date and time options in the camera, and specify an NTP server.
  • Thank You Ben!

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