Suggestion for Schedule to Begin only!
  • Hi,
    Suggestion: for the Schedule, please add a way to only begin! Occasionally I put my camera in the Passive mode during the daytime, and it is easy to forget to set them back to Active when I go to sleep. If you could add an option to begin only, then I could set that to 10 pm every night to ensure that the cameras are always active every night! Yes?
  • This is a good idea, but doesn't quite work with the way the schedules are implemented. However you can easily do this with a simple AppleScript. Open AppleScript Editor and copy and paste the following:

    tell application "SecuritySpy"
    active mode
    end tell

    Save this script do your Documents folder as "active-mode.scpt".

    Then download Cronnix, which is a graphical interfaced for the powerful Unix scheduling feature cron. Open CronniX and set up the script to the called at 10pm every night, like this:


    Then click the New button and then the Save option at the top of the window. The script will then be called at 10pm every night, setting all the cameras to Active mode.
  • Excellent, Ben!! Thanks a lot, Tom

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