Next Version of SS
  • Hi there,

    I was just wondering what the next version of SS will entail? And the possibility of a sneak preview?

    If you don't ask you don't get... :)

  • Hi Colin,

    We are working hard on improvements, but you'll just have to wait to find out what these are :) Let me know if you are interested in beta testing in a few months' time.
  • Did I here Beta Testing?
    I'm In!!
  • Great, I'll let you know when we have a beta version ready for testing.
  • Of course, happy to help!

  • Count me in for beta testing as well. Hoping to see new rendering/decompression engine (not QT) and a "Browser" update, along with the usual million backlogged ideas I throw out here.
  • Hi JT, thanks, I'll get in contact with you when the time comes (shouldn't be long now!).
  • I would like to participate in the beta testing. I am waiting for a 64-bit version.
  • Do you know what the upgrade fee will be for existing customers? Would you share that with us now?
  • Hi @doodah, we haven't finalised this yet, however as always we will be providing a generous free-upgrade period for customers who have purchased recently, and a significant discount for all other existing users.
  • Indigo user and up for beta testing, Keep up the great work.

    Thank You
    Computer Keith
  • That's all very fine, but who's going to do the gamma testing?
  • Hi Rex - all our external testing is primarily for finding and fixing bugs, and there is no separate gamma phase as such. Once the software development is complete (i.e. all new features implemented), we're going to be working with a small group of users in order to thoroughly test all features before release.
  • I'd be interested in beta-testing too Ben. Also hoping for 64-bit version.
  • 50c bet on native tvOS platform..
  • is it not there yet?
  • The beta version is coming soon and I can confirm that it will be 64-bit.
  • expose mask geometries to apple script and I'm in!
  • I have a request...

    Per support's suggestion, I have duplicate cameras set up for two devices in order to enable a second masks with email notification. Basically, the DANGER ZONE. Spots where there should never be motion. But I want those cameras to exist and do there thing otherwise, it would be a real annoyance to get an email with every blowing leaf, shadow/ray of sunshine, and running rat. However, when I open the Main Video Window, I see those duplicate cams. It would be nice if there were a check box to hide cams in the main window. OR... if camera setups enabled multiple masks and separate actions based on those masks.


  • Hi Mike - we're not going to be implementing separate masks for different features, however what we will be doing is separating out the motion capture and actions features, so that you can have different schedules for them. So for example you can have motion capture running all the time, but have actions (e.g. emails) being sent only during certain times. This should eliminate the need for duplicate cameras in most cases.
  • Hmm! Schedules could be very useful. As a home user though, I am happy to be alerted at any time day or night if someone is right at my front or back door. That said, if we are to continue using duplicate video devices for multiple actions, I hope we someday have the ability to hide those extra cams in the Main Video viewing window. :) I'm really looking forward to the new release!
  • Hi Mike, we've had plenty of people requesting different schedules for different capture features and actions, however this is the first time we've had a request for different motion detection parameters for different captures features and actions. So while I think it's a good idea, and I can see why you would want this, we would want to see multiple users requesting the same thing before we implement such a thing. We have a long list of things to do, and have to prioritise our development resources somehow!

    As for hiding the extra cameras, you can simply use a Group window for this. Set up a group window with only the cameras you want to see (and no duplicates), and use this instead of the "All cameras" window.
  • I'd love to test the next version. I've been running SS for almost 3 years now on a 2012 Mac Mini (quad core i7) and while it has been running well, an updated UI and 64 bit would be most welcome. I'm currently running it with 7 cameras and just switched to continuous capture.

    Are there any improvements with the browser window in multi file mode (I'd actually like separate windows for both so I don't have to keep changing my preferences)? When I view the time lapse for 5 of the cameras, the performance is pretty bad; I understand that it has to read video for 5 cameras.

    I'd also like to see different capture locations for motion capture and continuous capture; I want the motion capture to goto my internal drive (an SSD) and the continuous capture to goto the external drive. That way I can have the good performance to find out when motion happened and the worse performance when I want to review all the footage.

  • I, too, would love the ability to have multiple motion masks trigger different actions. I use SecuritySpy as a full home surveillance system, utilizing an old iPod as a passcode device. I have a camera in my living room with a mask that only captures the front door opening. When it does, my alarm system is triggered and the iPod will await passcode input to disable it. Another feed from the same camera is recording all motion, which is primarily used to monitor my dog (and potentially any intruders). Right now this requires 2 feeds from the same camera.
  • Happy to beta test too Ben if you need testers.
  • "The beta version is coming soon and I can confirm that it will be 64-bit."

    Fantastic news!

    Any idea when 'soon' is?

    Sorry to be pushy, but I get so many emails saying:

    Error running the camera XXX in active mode, it has been set to passive mode 3.4.8,22120,-108 Out of memory

    And we are adding two more cameras today!


  • Hi James, the beta version will probably be available at the end of this month or the beginning of March, I will contact you when it's ready for testing, as it will resolve these memory problems.
  • Hey Ben,

    more than happy to beta test if you need anymore users (yosemite 2012 quad i7 mac mini 16gb is what i would test on). I (co)own a small home automation company, and we use your software whenever we can (last 2 installs:D). Looking forward to this, keep up the good work.
  • I'd LOVE a different motion sensitivity between daytime and nighttime!
  • Thanks for the Group Windows tip Ben. Been using SS for a while, and only recently added the extra cams for motion sensing alerts. Perfect solution for that!

    So I had another thought for possible future consideration. I preview movies in Quicktime 7 Pro to get them open and be able to trim and save to the desktop fast. Rather than scroll through a bunch of movies I do one movie every 24 hours. I was wondering if we could segment that down into 12 or even 6 hour shifts so the movies are less cumbersome. Even on a 12 core Mac Pro with 40GB ram, playback can be chunky and much gets skipped during shuttling.


  • Well, early March is already here.
  • I'd really love to test on this new 5K!
  • Well ibnahmed, early March isn't over yet, so he's not late! :-)

    Now that 3.4.9 has been released, I'm sure Ben will be able to turn his attention to the beta.
  • Hello,

    my first Feedback:

    for me, the new version is not useful. Unfortunately, the email notification when Motion Detect works no longer.
    In addition, PTZ does not work properly; pan the camera does not stop but continues to face the front.

    So I'm back to version 3.4.8.

    Best wishes
  • @Michael - the email notification issue is a bug, which is fixed in a new version of SecuritySpy released today. Sorry about that. As for the PTZ problem, if you are still seeing it with this version, please email us with information about what make/model of camera you have, and a more detailed description of the problem you are seeing.
  • @ibnahmed - the beta is almost ready, it just needs a little more work.
  • I kinda liked the no-emails bug. Made things nice and peaceful - no more endless warnings about packets being dropped due to network congestion or CPU saturation!


    Like everyone, looking forward to the beta. I presume it's going to be named version 3.5?
  • Any updates Ben?
  • @jlbrown - the next version will be 4.0. We're still working on it!
  • I'm in for beta too.
  • Any rough ETA Ben? (Sorry to bug you!)

    Need an alpha tester? :-)
  • expose mask geometries to apple script and I'm in!
    oh, and log rolling?
  • the beta is out. YahoOoOo.

    april first 2016.
  • Hello all and thanks for your patience. The beta will be ready for testing early next week. Many thanks for all of you who have offered to test it, we had many more users offering than we actually need, so if you didn't get an email from me directly about this I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the final release, sorry!
  • Will the 4.0 release be an available upgrade for all paid licenses? I just pulled the trigger on an 8 camera license and hoping I won't have additional license costs when the next version is released.

  • Hi @eribble - as standard we offer a 6-month free upgrade period after purchase, so if you've recently made a purchase then you'll get the free upgrade to version 4.
  • Ben, what are the upgrade charges going to be for those who have had their licenses beyond the 6 month grace period? I need to decide if its time to move to a stand alone NVR or will I be upgrading to version 4.
  • Hi @doodah, beyond the 6 month grace period, the upgrade charge to go from version 3 to version 4 will be half the full license cost (i.e. a 50% discount off purchasing version 4 at full price). Version 4 will be a major new version with lots of improvements a new features, and will be worth the fee. In the 12 years that SecuritySpy has been on the market we have been improving it continuously and have so far only charged twice for major upgrades, so I hope you will all consider this very reasonable.
  • Ben, when you say 50% is the pricing remaining the same for version 4 as it is now for version 3?

    It's really not an unreasonable upgrade charge for a major release. I hope that there are performance improvements as many times new features start dragging down older hardware.

    I'm running 8 camera license on a 2012 Quad Core Mac mini that also serves as iTunes server for my home. I am happy performance wise now. My concern is the future.. especially since Apple stopped selling us newer mini's with a quad core processor.

    Being retired I am more sensitive to upgrade pricing and hardware performance for the dollar. I should have jumped in on the beta testing but have been under the weather and knew I couldn't do you any justice right now testing wise. As a software engineer I take beta testing seriously and not just an opportunity to get hands on new software ahead of the others. You can't test quality into a product, but you sure can test some bugs out. :-) I've always found your product to be of fine quality. I am looking forward to seeing the release notes for version 4. I'm curious as to all the new things you have in store for your customers.
  • Hi @doodah, yes the pricing structure will be remaining the same.

    As for performance, this is something we've really been focussing on in the update. There will be many performance improvements throughout the software, especially if you are running OS X 10.8 or later and/or are using a Mac newer than 2011 when Apple started adding H.264 hardware acceleration to some Mac models.

    It's a real shame that the newer Mac minis are all dual-core and therefore slower than the previous quad-core lineups. I'm really hoping that the next batch will feature quad-core processors, as these are ideal machines for running SecuritySpy. If you have a 2012 quad-core one, that's one of the best and you'll get many more years of good use out of it yet.

    Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, hope all is well and that you will recover soon!
  • So I upgraded from a 16 camera license to a 32 camera license in March. Assuming this new version comes out before September, what would this cost me to upgrade?

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