Re-arranging cameras
  • Hi, I'm trying to add a camera to my SecuritySpy installation, and what I would like to do is add at a particular location. In my case, I have a 4 camera license, and I want to test out further cameras before I add on to my license. Right now, when I add the new camera, it puts it inline with the first 4 (apparently sorted via IP address) so I end up losing one of my four licensed slots. I hope that is clear enough. Please let me know, so I don't have to completely re-do my installation.

  • Hi, simply drag the camera names up and down in the Camera Status window (available from the Window menu) to rearrange them.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks, it worked great!
  • Ben,

    It appears that in the latest version, this doesn't work, and the "license" stays with the camera...For example, I moved my camera labeled "Backyard PTZ" down and let others come up, so that they fall within the license and don't have the demo overlay, but the "Backyard PTZ" stays clear, and the others stay demo'd, regardless of where they are.

    Please help,
  • I can't reproduce your issue: every time the camera list is re-ordered (by dragging cameras up and down in the Camera Status window), SecuritySpy will reset all the demo messages, so the cameras towards the top of the list will fall within the license first, and the ones lower down may have demo messages if they exceed the number of cameras covered by the license. If you're still having problems, try setting all cameras to Passive mode and then Active mode again.

    Are you sure you're looking at the live video rather than previously-captured footage? For previously-captured footage that was captured with the demo message, this demo message is permanent.
  • Thanks, setting to Passive then Active did the trick.
  • Ver 4.2.1. 12-2017. Can't rearrange because there is no "camera status" under the Windows menu.
  • Hi @rfp1nc - this thread is rather old (2013) and refers to the older version 3.x of SecuritySpy. Things have changed a bit now in SecuritySpy version 4.x:

    - The "Camera Status" window is now called the "Camera Info" window and contains a lot more information than before, with columns that can be turned on or off as desired.

    - To re-order cameras, go to Preferences -> Cameras and drag the camera names up/down in the list on the left. Then Apply the preferences to save the changes.

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