Cam1 trigger Cam2
  • Hi

    First, I apologize for my "so bad" english...I'm doing my best to be clear :)

    I have 2 cams (named cam1 and cam2) in the same room. Cam1 is setup with motion detection. Is it possible to start cam2 record when cam1 is making motion detection?

  • Hi drs - we understand you perfectly!

    Yes, this is possible using AppleScript - please see the "Triggering Motion-Detected Recording" example on the SecuritySpy AppleScript Examples page

    So, create a script that triggers camera 1, and set it as an action for camera 2.

    For camera 1, you will have to leave motion detection enabled, but turn the sensitivity down to zero so that it is triggered purely by the script and not by its own video.

    Hope this helps.
  • it's great, it works perfectly and it's so simple to install :)

    For the moment, I'm trying the soft in demo mode before purchase it (although it is a bit expensive for personal use (I want purchase a 8 cameras license), your software is really great).

    Thanks for your response.

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