Manually change camera numbers
  • Is it possible?
  • Out of interest, is there a particular reason you want to do this? You only have to interact with the camera numbers when building your own HTTP requests to interact with SecuritySpy's web server, and the numbers themselves are rather arbitrary (allocated in the order in which the cameras were added to SecuritySpy).

    This has been previously been requested by a few users, so we have implemented a hidden feature to allow you to do this, by issuing a "++changecameranumber" request to the web server, so for example:


    Where "from" is the camera number you want to change, and "to" is an unused camera number.

    After you do this, quit and reopen SecuritySpy.
  • I am using jbod's "Hot Screen" AppleScript. It has been flawless for months. We put up a new camera yesterday, and I was fooling with the video device settings trying to get the numbers in order. The script quit working properly, and the best I can tell it's related to the way the numbers changed. I'm still looking into why it happened, but it is nice to know I can make those changes if I need to.
  • That was exactly what I needed! The script broke when the numbers were not continuous.
  • Good to know - great to hear you managed to resolve your problem.
  • Since you asked: The reason I want to do this is because of the presentation order when going to "full screen". I have an Arecont 180 degree, 4-camera array and if the panes aren't all on the same row it looks a bit weird. So renumbering is a convenient way to move them into alignment.

    The users will always configure the software in ways you don't expect.
  • Hi JT - to change the order of the cameras, you can drag them up and down in the Camera Settings window. This order is reflected throughout the software, including in the full screen display.

    More generally though, you are correct that users will always configure the software in ways we don't expect! We do try to be flexible and help to make things possible wherever we can.
  • Hi Ben, i also tried to change the order of the cameras but could not find the way to do it in the camera setting window (i also found this instruction in the manual).. but i managed to do it in the camera status window.. :-)
  • Thanks gerwin, I could not work it out and your method was spot on! :-)
  • My mistake - I meant the Camera Status window, not the Camera Settings window. Apologies for any confusion!
  • I also tried to change it, but nothing gone happen, unable to find the way where it can be changed.
  • William - in the Camera Status window (not the Camera Settings window), click and drag any camera up or down to change the order.
  • Would find this camera renaming facility very useful right now. But finding it's not working in the latest version 4.2.

    Edit - have found it's now as simple as selecting then clicking a second time on the camera name in the device list and editing or entering a new name, like renaming a file in Finder.
  • To clarify:

    To change the NAME of a camera, double-click its name in the Cameras section of the Preferences window, in the list of camera on the left side of the window.

    To change the ORDER of the cameras, click-and-drag the camera names up/down in this same list.

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