Swann NHD-806 POE Camera - Help
  • Hi,

    I have just purchased the above camera and stupidly screwed it to the wall.

    I have found the IP address that the router has assigned it but cannot log into the damm thing or view it in SS.

    I can view it from Swanns own MyDVR software, which by the way is crap. But this software does not allow me to configure the camera.

    Any ideas?

  • Hi Tim,

    When you attempt to connect to the camera at its IP address using a web browser, what do you get?

    Try this:

    - In the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy, create a new network device
    - Set the device type to "Manual configuration”
    - Enter the camera's IP address but leave the Port field empty
    - Enter the camera’s username and password (if set)
    - Select "RTSP TCP” from the Format menu
    - Enter live/h264 as the Request

    If that doesn't work, try Streaming/Channels/1 as the Request. If that doesn't work, try cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0 as the Request.

    Do any of these work?
  • I am having the same problem. I have tried your suggestions. I have the camera plugged into a Netgear POE switch. I have also tried it using the built in POE ports on the NVR8-7 085. Thanks for any input!
  • Hi Ben,

    No unfortunately none of these worked. Any other ideas?

  • Hi Tim - one more thing to try:

    Select the "ONVIF" profile from the device list and specify 8000 as the ONVIF port.

    Are you sure the other details entered into SecuritySpy are correct (IP address, username, password)?
  • Morning,

    No, I have tried all combinations of the suggestions but to no avail. The camera connects to the Swann software using the default username and password on port 9000 and i can view it using their own software but port 9000 does not work in ONVIF RTSP or Http.

    It seems that Swann only want to make a closed system.

    Thanks you your help anyway. I'll order an IPS replacement. Their cameras are simple to use and the support from China is fab.

    My advise to everyone? Don't by Swann.


  • Swann does seem to want to maintain a closed system, and does not seem to publish any information about the streaming requests, which is a pity because the cameras themselves looks good. But of course they want to push users to sell their NVR devices.

    However according to this forum post about the NDH-806 that I found, there is a post by a Swann technician who states that port 9000 is the Swann proprietary port, but port 8000 is an ONVIF port. If the camera correctly supports this standard protocol, then in theory the cameras could be used with software such as SecuritySpy.

    Your message above indicates that you've tried ONVIF over port 9000, however this is the wrong port; you should try ONVIF over port 8000 instead. If this doesn't work, what is the error message as reported by SecuritySpy? Check the log file in the SecuritySpy folder within your Documents folder.
  • Hi,

    No, Nothing works.

    Here is the log from trying to connect using onvif on 9000.

    17-09-2014 1431-26: Error communicating with the network device "Ridgeway - Side Door" 3.4.1,8440,32 Broken pipe (EPIPE)

    17-09-2014 1432-06: Error communicating with the network device "Ridgeway - Side Door" 3.4.1,8440,8800 The server closed the connection

    17-09-2014 1434-22: Error communicating with the network device "Ridgeway - Side Door" 3.4.1,89900,8800 The server closed the connection

    17-09-2014 1434-46: Error communicating with the network device "Ridgeway - Side Door" 3.4.1,89900,61 Connection refused (ECONNREFUSED)

    17-09-2014 1444-52: Error communicating with the network device "Ridgeway - Side Door" 3.4.1,89900,61 Connection refused (ECONNREFUSED)

    17-09-2014 1445-26: Error communicating with the network device "Ridgeway - Side Door" 3.4.1,8440,8800 The server closed the connection
  • Tim - again you say that you are trying port 9000 - I'm suggesting trying port 8000 - eight thousand!

    I just want to make sure you've tried everything before giving up.
  • Hi,

    Port 8000 does not work. I do have the wireshark capture of me accessing the camera from my laptop using the crappy swann software. I just haven't learnt how to interpret the capture yet.

  • Hi Tim, in Wireshark, you can follow a TCP stream to give you the best view of the conversation between the camera and computer. If you save this from Wireshark and email it to us, we'll take a look at this for you.
  • Hi Ben,

    Sorry for the delay. I have just emailed you a wireshark capture of the conversation.

    If you have time to look it would be great, however I do understand you're going above and beyond the normal support level.


  • Hi Tim, I've just replied to your email, and I'm afraid the news is not good. It appears the Swann software is using a completely proprietary protocol over port 9000 to get video from the cameras. It is very disappointing that it doesn't appear to support any open standards!
  • Hi Guys - I have managed to access the swann nhd-806 streams.

    I used this tool: http://sourceforge.net/projects/onvifdm/.

    From here i determined the path which was:
  • Thanks @narcosi this is interesting information. Are you able to get this working in SecuritySpy using Manual configuration with RTSP format and h264Preview_01_main as the Request?
  • I also have this camera and, following the above instructions, did manage to get it to work...
    Device type: Manual configuration
    HTTP Port: blank
    RTSP port: blank
    Encryption: unchecked
    Username: admin
    Password: 12345
    Format: RTSP UDP (video and audio)
    Request: h264Preview_01_main

  • Hi @thewinelake - this is great news, thanks for posting, I'm sure this will be helpful for other users.
  • Ha! Just come back after a couple of years and it's been helpful to me!

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