Foscam FI9853EP support?
  • Hi,

    Is the new Foscam FI9853EP mini dome HD camera support bij SecuritySpy?
    The camera has H264 compression and ONVIF support.

  • Hi Peter,

    It may work in SecuritySpy using the ONVIF settings, but our recent experience of Foscam H.264 cameras has been unsatisfactory, and we've had many users report problems with them. So until these problems are resolved we aren't going to officially support any new Foscam H.264 cameras. I would advise choosing a camera that is on our official list of compatible cameras.

    We haven't specifically tested the FI9853EP, and being new there is a chance that it has some updated firmware that Foscam have been working on. If you decide to go for this camera, please report back and let us know your experiences. But make sure you buy from somewhere to which you can easily return it, if you have trouble.
  • Ben,

    Could you elaborate on the issues you're referring to with the Foscam H.264? I have 5 of them, and they work pretty well for their price.
  • Hi @opticalserenity, good to hear you have them working well. There have previously been many issues with the Foscam H.264 cameras that started a couple of years ago when Foscam introduced completely new firmware for their camera lineup. The main issues were incomplete data being transmitted resulting in video corruption, and frequent camera crashes resulting in the camera going offline and requiring a restart.

    However the firmware has been steadily increasing and I would expect it to be much better now. What settings in SecuritySpy are you using for your Foscam cameras, and exactly what model(s) are they? Have you experienced any problems with them, or are they working completely reliably?

    We will also do some testing ourselves and if we find out they now work reliably then we will be able to officially support them again. This would be great as they are very popular and affordable cameras.
  • Here are some models I have, and some settings:

    Foscam FI9803P
    -Device Type: FI9802W, FI9821W
    -Format: H.264 RTSP
    -No recompression

    Foscam FI9804W
    -Device Type: Manual configuration
    -RTSP Port: 80
    -Request: /videoMain
    -No recompression

    Foscam FI8905W
    -Device Type: Foscam JPEG
    -No recompression
    -Format: JPEG http

    Note that all of the cameras have been set (in their firmware) to 15fps for frame rate, and 30fps for key frame rate.

    I should also mention that the cameras have been great, and haven't stopped responding. The FI8905W and the FI9804W have been running non-stop for over 6 months without any issues or reboots.

    While these settings seem to be just fine, I've noticed in the last two days that SS has stopped responding at about every 12 hours or so. Unfortunately I didn't realize it until I crossed my front door and didn't get the motion triggered email.

    Is there anything I need to do outside of "no recompression" and not changing any video properties, not adding a text overlay in SS, to make sure I'm saving directly to disk without any type of processing? As I mentioned in the other thread I'm trying to conserve as much CPU as possible.
  • Thanks for the information, that's very useful. And good to hear your cameras are working reliably.

    As long as you have checked the "No recompression" option, and you haven't set SecuritySpy to alter the video stream in any way, you will be getting direct-to-disk recording. If SecuritySpy is missing some motion events, you could try increasing the motion detection sensitivity, and/or reducing the trigger time setting, so that it is more sensitive to motion.
  • @optical

    I'm happy to see that someone has the 9803 working with SS ... I haven't had any luck with that yet. I have the 9803EP and have tried just about every combination of settings. I've noticed that you use RTSP. How do you enable that with your SS camera setup?
  • Disregard ... I just needed to upgrade to v3. Works like a charm.
  • Hi lg8r96, yes, only SecuritySpy v3 (not v1 or v2) supports ONVIF and RTSP cameras. Which (v1 & v2) customers can upgrade to with a 50 & 70% discount respectively (vs. retail price) on its upgrade store, here:
  • I still do get problems with my Foscam F19803P on SS 3.4.6
    Screen is blue.
    No problems with login with Firefox.
    Any clue?

    Device Type: Foscam F1982W
    H.264 RTSP (video and audio)
    Checked No Compression
  • Hi @Riph - please try the "Foscam H.264" profile instead - does this resolve your problem?
  • I just recently setup an FI9803EP, with System Firmware, and UI Version
    The only settings that worked were
    Device Type: ONVIF
    Address: the IP of the cam
    ONVIF Port: (the default 888)
    the username & password I set
    Format: RTSP UDP (video and audio)
    Input number: 1
    Quality: Default
    Frame rate: Default
    No recompression of data from this device (checked)

    no other settings or combinations of settings trying to use the Foscam defaults including the Foscam H.264 profile worked (I spent at least an hour trying pretty much every combination of settings before reading something about there being ONVIF in the camera settings, so tried that option in Security Spy)
    Security Spy version 3.4.7
  • It's an old thread, but I just found with Security Spy 4.0.4/4.0.5 that I was able to change it to
    Profile: Foscam H.264
    HTTP port: (set it to what I have the camera set for)
    RTSP port: (default)
    Format: H.264 RTSP (video and audio)
    which has improved its reliability - with UDP it was dropping sometimes - at least while I've been watching it since changing to the Foscam H.264 profile it hasn't dropped at all.

    The Camera is also running slightly newer firmware now with UI
    but I'm pretty sure it was a fix in SS 4.x that has it working over HTTP now instead of ONVIF (UDP)
  • I've got a few of the FI9853EP cameras running 2.x.2.27 firmware which seem to work well with the Foscam H.264 profile and H.264 RTSP format.

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