Foscam - After the latest updates outdoor sensitivity issues
  • Hello,

    After the latest upgrade I have been having a difficult time trying to set motion sensitivity levels. My wired/wireless foscam cameras are triggering motion sensitivity much more frequently. I am using the mask and setting the sensitivity to 20% and its still happening. Anyone else seeing this?
  • Hi - at 20% I'm surprised you're getting false positive detections. If you can email us a couple of example movies (ideally under 10 MB or so in size) then we'll take a look to see what's causing this.

    In general, try a trigger time of 1 or 2 seconds (you can choose this in the Setup section of the Camera Settings window), and make sure that the mask is covering areas that you don't want included in motion detection (areas covered by the green mask are ignored for motion detection).
  • Hi Ben,

    I am also having the same issues that twarren has said, also using foscams. Before the update I had very few false detections. Since update I have loads. I will wetransfer you a few example files now.
  • Hi

    Just wondering if you got my files and if you have any update on this issue?

  • Hi - sorry for the delay, I've now analysed the movies you sent. Please download the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 3.4.4b6), and in the Camera Settings window for the two cameras in question, set the trigger time to 2 seconds and the sensitivity to 50%. The combination of these two settings cuts out detection of 6 out of 7 of the false-positive movies you sent.

    Further, applying a mask to the top 20% or so of the "Back Door" camera cuts out the remaining movie. So I think applying the above settings will greatly reduce your false-positive rate, while still keeping the cameras sensitive to real motion.

    The beta will be released as a full version very shortly, but for now there is no downside to using it.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks Ben. I will give the beta a try. Otherwise I am now down to 10% and 2 second delay. Still 10-20 false alarms a day.
  • Hi Ben,

    Same issues with 3.4.4b8 . Set @ 35% with 1 second delay. Constantly tripping motion.
  • Hi @twarren - if you are able to send us some example files we'll take a look. Please use WeTransfer and send the links to Thanks.
  • I've noticed the same thing, but am still in the process of tweaking sensitivity and motion. When my indoor lights turn off at night, then suddenly I'll get an email due to motion trigger. I'll update if I can get it fixed, but I literally changed nothing (other than the update) and sure enough I suddenly began to get those triggers.
  • Ok I sent 5 samples this morning. Thx
  • Thanks for all who sent example false-positive detections, this really helps us to train the algorithm.

    The main problem we're seeing now is changes in lighting conditions causing false-positive detections. So we have tweaked the algorithm to be more tolerant of this, and combined with a 2-second trigger time this cuts down all instances of this we have seen. Anyone who wants to test can try the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 3.4.5b1).

    @twarren - the beta will help, however your example files also show that the cameras are providing very low frame rates, and very uneven streams (e.g. several frames in a row, then a several-second gap). This is contributing to your false-positive detections. You should investigate why this is the case - could be wireless interference, network bandwidth or camera settings. Getting a consistent stream of at least 5fps coming in to SecuritySpy is going to give you much better motion detection, and much more useful captured footage.
  • Hi Ben.
    I tried your Beta, and it helped a little with fast changing lighting conditions (partly cloudy skies with high winds) However the still images left a bizzare trail of dots streaming behind cars and moving objects... videos look OK.
    It also seems to introduce a weird color cast on objects with high specular highlights.
    Is it just me?
    dahua ipc-hfw4300s
  • Hi Mike,

    Sorry about the dots - that's a debug setting in SecuritySpy where it shows you exactly where motion has been detected in the video frame. I've disabled the dots and uploaded a new beta, so if you go to the same link you can download the updated version with this disabled.

    The colour cast on high-brightness objects will be down to the camera itself.
  • That would actually be a pretty handy toggle feature in the camera settings screen!
  • Hi Mike, I can see that - it's certainly very useful for analysing exactly what's going on for the purposes of improving the algorithm. Though it would take a bit of work to make it look better and add it to the UI. I'll see what we can do.
  • +1 on the motion detection dots being visible. I think a few other people have asked about that same feature in other threads.

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