Best outdoor bullet camera?
  • I need a waterproof camera for a few outdoor locations - ideally with PoE and Infra red - any suggestion?

    Many thanks!
  • Hi Hal!

    A quick search of our camera list reveals all the options, and there are quite a few available. For example ACTi make some very nice models, as do Arecont (although these are quite expensive). For a camera with a good spec that is reasonably priced, I would recommend going for either the Dahua Technology IPC-HFW2100 or the Y-cam Bullet HD, or one of the Zavio models. The Dahua camera is particularly good value at only $150.

    Hope this helps!
  • I recently got a D-link 7110 which so far I am impressed with ( It seems that decent resolution night vision outdoor cams are just expensive :/
  • Here I have installed a DCS-7110 at this URL:
    refresh an image every 60 secs with security spy version 3.0.2
  • Nice view ibicus! I don't know if this is intended, but your camera seems to be set to half its maximum resolution. It's capable of 1280x800 so you might want to change the settings to this for maximum quality. You should be able to do this by logging on to the camera using a web browser and changing its stream settings.
  • Please make sure that your running the latest update for SecuritySpy v3(.0.4) available on our website, here:
  • Does anyone have any experience with the Foscam 9805W? I recently purchased two 9802W cameras and they are not working correctly. Foscam is offing to replace them with the newer version, 9805W. Or should I request that they exchange them for 8905W, which I currently use two of? Thanks.
  • Ben,
    I just purchased the Dahua Technology IPC-HFW2100 on your recommendation. I have the camera up and running on its native website. I switched the static IP address over to conform with my network. I can view the camera's website on Safari on the same machine that is running Security Spy.
    Now, how do I configure it and Security Spy with the correct settings (I'm still using version 2.2) so I can use it on my Security Spy network?

  • Hi TVL - I'm afraid this camera requires RTSP support, which was added to SecuritySpy in version 3.0, so the camera will not work with earlier versions of SecuritySpy. If you purchased SecuritySpy on or after 1 July 2012 you are entitled to a free upgrade to SecuritySpy 3.x, otherwise you can upgrade with a 70% discount off the full retail price. Please see here for more information about upgrading, or upgrade your license via our store.

    In SecuritySpy 3.x there is a Dahua profile in the device list in the Video Device Settings window, which you use to configure this camera.
  • I have the Hikvision 2cd2032 that I am very impressed with. I also have the dome version. The software works well and the picture quality is simply fantastic. A variety of lenses are available to suit your situation.

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