Multiple monitoring stations on the same LAN
  • My proposed scenario is a main computer with three Axis P7216 encoders feeding a 27" iMac that has a second (and possibly third) external monitor connected Thunderbolt to HDMI. That computer will be at the main security desk monitoring all 48 cameras. There are two remote security desks (second building and parking kiosk). I need to allow them to view a select number of cameras. What would I use to allow the remote locations to view a selection of cameras? They are on the same LAN.

  • Hi Doug,

    I think your best solution is to run SecuritySpy on each of those two remote locations, and connect them directly to the Axis P7216 encoders to pull in the live video feeds that you need at those locations.

    The other option is for the two viewing SecuritySpy instances to pull in the video from the main server computer, but this would impair its performance significantly. Connection directly to the Axis device as outlined above will also reduce its frame rate, however it's capable of 30fps which is probably much more than you want anyway, so I think you will still get very good performance with the Axis device supplying the live video to the three separate clients.

    For the two viewing-only SecuritySpy instances, SecuritySpy can be used for this purpose free of charge. Simply use an unregistered copy of SecuritySpy and leave all cameras in Passive mode.
  • I have similar question. My main iMac with SecuritySpy is in my house, but I also have one in the hangar behind the house. They are on a hard wired LAN. What is the best way to monitor the cameras in the hangar, and will I get the audible warning if the motion sensor is activated, like the on the main one?
  • Hi Bulent,

    The best way to monitor the cameras in the hanger is to use a second instance of SecuritySpy. For this viewing-only purpose, you can use this second instance for free - simply leave all cameras in that second instance in Passive mode.

    If you want this second instance of SecuritySpy to do anything that requires the cameras to be in Active mode (e.g. detect motion and sound an alarm), then this requires a a paid license.

    Hope this helps.
  • I solved this problem by using the Apple screen sharing tool (Remote Desktop or the built-in one from the Finder "Connect To Server...") and remotely displaying (with sound) the screen of my main SecuritySpy workstation which then is in full-screen mode with the various video thumbnails on it that I want. Video looks better if you go into Screen Sharing prefs and select "Show screen at full quality" and "show full size".

    You can also possibly use the SecuritySpy screen saver option from your other computer to connect to the main SecuritySpy system. You'll need some other option for sounding an alert, but maybe you could rig up something with Applescript that would trigger a bell or whatnot. I have an Arduino with ethernet that I did a super-simple rig with LED lights, and I'm sure a bell or something would be easy to wire up.


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