only bw video in security spy .. no color
  • on the cameras I see the color video, while in security spy I can only see bw (day and night)
    have not found a switch to turn color on.

    what am I doing wrong?
  • Hi - can you please tell me what cameras you are using and how exactly they are connected to your Mac?
  • I have 7: 2 foscam, 3 dlink, etc.3 through wired ethernet rest through wifi.
    I had one show color, but killed that by "copy setup from other camera", that one was b/w and after copy setup the color one also became b/w.
    that why I thick it must be some setting.
  • In Settings -> Camera Settings, you probably have selected the Depth to be Greyscale.
    Change it back to Color for all cameras.

  • This certainly sounds like the depth is set to Grayscale in SecuritySpy. As abid said there used to be a Depth setting in the Camera Settings window however this does not exist in the latest 3.4.1 version as we are phasing it out (virtually no one uses black and white cameras these days).

    However the setting still exists via the web interface. So enable SecuritySpy's web server if it's not enabled already, connect to it using the URL http://localhost:8000/ , click the Camera Settings button, and set the Depth of all cameras to Color.

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