Does a user have to logged in for the software to run?
  • I ran into an issue recently with one of our Macs that had for whatever reason been power-cycled. I received a request for some video from a certain date and got onto the computer and noticed it was at the login screen. I got logged in and noticed that the software had not been recording for several days. First of all, it's frustrating to find that the software had not been recording but even worse to find that the video they were asking for was not there. So my question is does there have to be a user logged in at all times for the software to function?
  • The way the Mac OS is that the User needs to be logged in for any application to run. It does not run in the background before logging in, like Windows Services.
    What you could do is get the user to automatically login and then use Applescript to return to the login screen. With this method, if it was to restart for whatever reason, then Security Spy would be back up and running within 2 mins.
    If it was due to power failure, you could use a UPS.
  • abid's information is spot on - a user has to be logged in for the software to run. You should set the Mac to auto-login and SecuritySpy to start automatically upon login, then when there is a power cut everything will come back automatically. For security, you can have the screensaver automatically enable after 5 minutes with a password, or you can use an AppleScript to go back to the login screen (with the user still running in the background) - we have a FAQ about this: Can SecuritySpy run before login on Mac OS X?.
  • Gotcha, thanks for the update.

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