RemoteSight - Blank Video Stream
  • Hi

    I have a problem. I can not get Remote Sight to work properly.
    It works OK when I'm logged in and have it running. Then I click switch user and it works fine on the login screen.
    Then when the next user logs in, the video stream goes blank. RemoteSight is still running so it should continue to work fine. Any ideas?
  • Unfortunately the system blocks access to the built-in camera (and USB/FireFire cameras) to applications running in background users, so I'm afraid this simply won't work and there is no workaround in software we would be able to implement. Sorry I can't give you a solution to this issue but it's the intentional behaviour of OS X.
  • Ben, I'm referring not to the built-in cam, but to the screen capture. Surely that should work?
  • Hi abid, again I believe this is intentional behaviour of OS X - it would be a security breach for a process running under one user account to be able to access the screen image of another user account. Sorry but I don't think there is a workaround.
  • Ok thank you.

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