camera Hedden
  • Hello

    I have an IP wirelss camera from brand Heden which is not listed in devices.

    Do not manage to make manual configuration, nevertheless, if i use configuration trendnet TV-IP100(w), i manage to get video but not audio.

    On y computer, using VLC and typing http://IPadress/videostream.asf, i manage to get video and sound.

    What should i do, a manual configuraration does not work


    Laurent Morcrette
  • Hi Laurent, this seems to be a re-branded Foscam model, and unfortunately if it is JPEG-only (it sounds like it is) then SecuritySpy cannot get audio from this camera. This is because we don't support the Microsoft proprietary ASF format, which is seems is only used by Foscam JPEG cameras and no others. We prefer to spend our development resources on industry standard protocols such as RTSP, which has been used by virtually all network cameras since a few years ago.

    Sorry I can't bring you better news.
  • Hie

    thanks for the answer

    Can you tell me if i uy for example 2 DCS-5020L if i can have the audio of both camera recieved at same time, as i want to use it to watch (and listen) at night my 2 boys in 2 separates rooms


  • Hi Laurent,

    Yes you can listen to audio from multiple cameras at the same time - simply click the speaker icon next to the camera(s) in the Camera Status window in SecuritySpy:


    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks

    please confim me that the cameras D-link dcs 5020l are supported by Security spy before i buy a par of them !


  • Hi Laurent,

    Yes, these cameras are supported by SecuritySpy, as you can see on our list of supported cameras. So far we have only implemented JPEG support, whereas the camera can also do H.264, however it should be a simple addition to SecuritySpy's profile for this camera to add this functionality if you need it.

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